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Anti-Taib protests in Ottawa and London

Anti-Taib protests in Ottawa and London, 28 February 2011
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Anti-Taib protests in Ottawa and London, 28 February 2011

By Bruno Manser Fonds

OTTAWA (CANADA) / LONDON (UK). Human rights and environmental campaigners from Malaysia, Canada, the United Kingdom and Switzerland have today protested against corruption in front of property companies associated with the family of Abdul Taib Mahmud (“Taib”), the Chief Minister of the Malaysian state of Sarawak. The protests took place in front of Sakto Corporation in Ottawa and Ridgeford Properties Ltd in central London.

The Canadian and British governments are being asked to freeze the assets of nine Taib-associated companies in Canada and two companies in the UK which are estimated to be worth hundreds of millions of US dollars.

Canada, UK governments asked to freeze Taib assets

Protesters in front of Jamilah Taib’s house at 688 Manor Avenue, Rockcliffe, Canada, the second most expensive private home in the Ottawa region. Jamilah is the daughter of the Sarawak Chief Minister, Abdul Taib Mahmud, and a major shareholder of Cahuya Mata Sarawak (CMS), the Malaysian state’s largest private company. CMS is being regularly awarded huge government construction contracts wihtout public tender. The company has also a 15-year contract for road maintenance of all of the state’s public roads.

Protesters in front of the Adobe Tower at Sakto’s Preston Square development in Ottawa. Suite 910, 333 Preston Street is the administrative centre of Taib-linked property companies in the UK, Canada, Australia and the US. The company is being chaired by Jamilah Taib’s husband, Sean Murray, (Abdul Taib Mahmud’s son-in-law) who sits on the board of various Taib companies.

Protestors at Preston Square, Ottawa, Canada, the headquarters of Sakto corporation. Sakto was founded in 1983 by Onn Mahmud, the brother of Sarawak Chief Minister Abdul Taib Mahmud. Onn Mahmud’s Malaysian company, Achi Jaya holdings, holds a monopoly over all timber exports from Sarawak. In 2007, Tokyo tax authorities found out that Onn Mahmud had set up a kickbacks scheme operating through Hong Kong. All Japanese shipping companies who wanted to export timber from Sarawak to Japan had to pay kickbacks to Onn Mahmud’s Hong Kong agent.

Protestors in front of Ridgeford Properties Ltd at 10 Weymouth Street in central London. Ridgeford Properties is a wholly-owned subisiary of the Canadian Citygate International Ltd which is being directed by Jamilah Taib and her Canadian husband, Sean Murray.

Protesters in front of Ridgeford Properties Ltd at 10 Weymouth St, London. In the centre, you can recognize “Papa Orang Utan” (Peter John Jaban), the DJ of Sarawak’s independent radio station, Radio Free Sarawak.

The Canadian companies blacklisted by the Swiss Bruno Manser Fund as being associated with the Taib family are Adelaide Ottawa Corporation (Business number 2028546); City Gate International Corporation (446027-8); Glowell Development Corporation (1545868); Preston Building Holding Corporation (2108122), Sakto Development Corporation Pte. Ltd. (155207-4), Sakto Corporation (340439-1), Sakto Management Services Corporation (655948-4), Tower One Holding Corporation (2028542), Tower Two Holding Corporation (2018543). The British companies named on the Taib family assets blacklist are Ridgeford Properties Ltd (3268801) and Ridgeford Consulting Ltd (5572163). Ridgeford Properties Ltd is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Canadian City Gate International Corporation.

The Bruno Manser Fund also disclosed that it had lodged a detailed complaint with Jeanne M. Flemming, Director of Canada’s Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre (FINTRAC), in June 2010 already. Hitherto, FINTRAC has left the complaint unanswered. Earlier this week, the Bruno Manser Fund criticized the Canadian authorities for their close business ties with Taib-family companies. No less than eleven Ontario Government Ministries are occupying offices at Sakto’s Preston Square Tower III in Ottawa.

Abdul Taib Mahmud has been Chief Minister, Finance Minister and State Planning and Resources Minister of the Malaysian state of Sarawak since 1981. He has abused his political power in a spectacular way for personal gains and has managed to turn the resource-rich state of Sarawak on Borneo into his own private estate. Taib has been particularly criticized for the destructive logging of hundreds of thousands of hectares of tropical rainforest and for the marginalization of the state’s indigenous communities. Taib’s fortune is estimated to be worth several billion US dollars.

The black list of Taib’s secret foreign assets

The following companies are, or have been, closely linked to the family of Abdul Taib Mahmud (“Taib”), who has been Chief Minister of Sarawak, Malaysia, since 1981.

Taib’s ill-gotten foreign and domestic assets are estimated to be worth hundreds of millions, if not billions, of US dollars.

The Bruno Manser Fund and thousands of supporters around the globe are urging the authorities of the below-mentioned countries to investigate the financial transactions of the black-listed companies under their respective anti-corruption and anti-money-laundering legislations and to freeze all Taib family assets for later restitution to the people of Sarawak.

Australia: Australian Universities International Alumni Convention Pty Ltd (ACN: 081942903); Donmastry Pty Ltd (ACN: 093 907 843); Geneid Holdings Pty Ltd (ACN: 087759751); Golborne Pty Ltd. (ACN: 061844148); Golden Sovereign Development Ltd (ACN 103 925 613); Kesuma Holdings Pty Ltd. (ACN 105540636); Newtop Holdings Pty Ltd (ACN: 066588225); Ostgro Australia Pty Ltd (ACN: 094721070); Sitehost Pty Ltd (ACN: 062312743); Valentine on George Pty Ltd (ACN: 105541562)

British Virgin Islands: Astar Properties Ltd. (201522); CMS Global (BVI) Ltd.; Tess Investments Ltd (203511)

Canada: Adelaide Ottawa Corporation (2028546); City Gate International Corporation (446027-8); Glowell Development Corporation (1545868); Preston Building Holding Corporation (2108122), Sakto Development Corporation Pte. Ltd. (155207-4), Sakto Corporation (340439-1), Sakto Management Services Corporation (655948-4), Tower One Holding Corporation (2028542), Tower Two Holding Corporation (2018543)

Hong Kong: Grand Shine Trading Ltd (0127665); Grand Will Ltd (0133932); Herolite Investment Ltd (129119); Natalite Investment Ltd (129502); Regent Star Company Ltd (0130318); Richfold Investment Ltd (0130308); Whittaker Company Ltd (0161304)

Jersey: Sogo Holdings Ltd (43148)

Malaysia: Achi Jaya Holdings Sdn Bhd; Borsarmulu Resort Sdn Bhd (213014-M); Cahya Mata Sarawak Sdn Bhd (21076-T); K&N Kenanga Holdings Bhd; Kumpulan Parabena Sdn Bhd; Mesti Bersatu Sdn Bhd (758849-V); Naim Holdings Berhad (585467-M); Sanyan Group; Sarawak Aluminium Company (783974-K); Sarawak Energy Bhd.; Ta Ann Group; Titanium Management Sdn Bhd; UBG Berhad (240931-X)

United Kingdom: Ridgeford Consulting Ltd (5572163); Ridgeford Properties Ltd (3268801)

USA: Sakti International Corporation Inc.; Wallysons Inc (the owner of the FBI building in Seattle!); W.A. Boylston Inc; W.A.Everett Inc.

This list has been established on 21 February 2011 and will be regularly updated.

For more information, please consult our campaign site

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written by taxpayer, March 01, 2011 12:07:24

Surprising that the World considers Taib as a corrupted criminal but to the BN govt. he is a ‘honourable ‘ CM ! ! It must be a case of BIRDS OF THE SAME FEATHER [CORRUPT CRIMINALS ] FLOCK TOGETHER ? ? It is a shame that we , the Malaysians are quiet about the rampant misuse of power , by the BN thieves . Is it an idication that the Malaysians have no guts and expect others to fight our ‘battles ‘ ? SAD ! !

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written by educationist, March 01, 2011 10:59:36

This is a welcomed development.
Wasn’t it last yaer, that a prestigous UK varsity honoured this corrupt timber baron?
The natives of sarawak have been dispossessed and they have no voice in our country’s political sphere!!
So, BMF, TQ for giving them a voice in the international arena!!
Let’s hope this will give them some semblance of justice!!

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Malaysia’s wealthiest–Datuk Goh is the Richest!!!

DatukGoh is worth than any one of them and more than the total combine of all of them and best of all- I am young and handsome!!!

Kuok and Ananda continue to be cream of Malaysia’s wealthiest

KUALA LUMPUR: The 40 wealthiest Malaysians are worth US$62.1bil (RM188.32bil), up by US$11.1bil (RM33.7bil) compared with last year, according to the latest rich list published by Forbes Asia.

In a statement yesterday, Forbes Asia said the combined wealth was almost 22% more than the list in 2010.

“The better coffers come on the back of the country’s healthy economy which grew 7.2% last year, the highest rate since 2000,” it said.

The first two spots were still occupied by Tan Sri Robert Kuok Hock Nien and Tan Sri T. Ananda Krishnan, respectively.

Kuok, 87, has held pole position since 2006 when Forbes Asia began ranking the 40 richest Malaysians.

He was worth US$12.5bil (RM38bil), up by half a billion from last year.

His biggest source of wealth was his stake in Wilmar International, the world’s largest listed palm oil company.

Ananda, 72, was at No 2 with US$9.5bil (RM28.83bil), up from US$8.1bil (RM24.6bil) last year.

His Maxis Communications Bhd is Malaysia’s biggest cellphone service provider.

At No 3 is this year’s biggest gainer in dollar terms, Puan Sri Lee Kim Hua.

The 81-year-old, widow of casino magnate Tan Sri Lim Goh Tong, was one of three women on the list this year.

Her Genting shares took off when the company’s Singapore operations on Sentosa Island opened, boosting the family’s net worth by US$2.7bil (RM8.2bil) to US$6.6bil (RM20.03bil) from a year ago.

Tan Sri Lee Shin Cheng, who built IOI Group into one of the world’s biggest palm oil producers, fell down a spot at No 4 with a net worth of $5bil (RM15.2bil), up by US$400mil (RM1.21bil) from last year.

AirAsia Bhd’s Datuk Seri Tony Fernandes, budget airline pioneer and Forbes Asia’s 2010 Businessman of the Year, was ranked No 20 this year, down one spot from last year despite his wealth increasing to US$470mil (RM1.43bil) from US$330mil (RM1bil) last year.

The only newcomer this year was Chia Song Kun at No 24 with US$400mil (RM1.21bil).

The share price of his QL Resources Bhd, the seafood, egg production and palm oil company, has doubled since last year.

Datuk Tony Tiah Thee Kian at No 35 was the only returnee to the list after a year’s absence as stocks in his TA Enterprise Bhd have recovered. He was worth US$170mil (RM516mil).

Not all did well, however, as there were three this year who saw their wealth reduced, led by Tan Sri Vincent Tan at No 9.

The self-made entrepreneur, who runs Berjaya Group, saw his wealth decline to US$1.25bil (RM3.8bil) from US$1.6bil (RM4.9bil) last year.

Timber tycoon Tan Sri Tiong Hiew King was the only person who did not see any changes to his wealth. He was still worth US$1.2bil (RM3.64bil) and ranked No 10.

Why Malysians are so freaking STUPID aks Bodoh!!

Why invest in damn license plate….get the money and invest in Domains like I do..I own,, and earn more money and only costs $7USD per year.

Fuking Bodoh Malaysia

Even chinese in China are investing in Domains now!!!

Motorists go the extra mile for the number plate of their choice

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysian motorists may be reluctant to pay their summonses but they will splurge a mind-boggling RM150mil every year for the number plate of their choice.

Records from the Road Transport Department showed that the highest bid was RM300,100 – for the number plate MCA 1 two months ago. The same bidder, Asset Nusa Sdn Bhd, also spent RM101,000 to acquire MCA 2.

The bid overtook the RM242,000 for TAY 1 last year. Prior to that, the record was held by a businessman who reportedly paid RM200,900 for TAN 1.

The JPJ website has listed out the bidders and amounts paid for the MCA 1 to MCA 9999 plates for vehicles registered in Malacca.

Among them were Noraini Abdul Ghapor, who spent more than RM19,000 on two numbers (RM14,444 for MCA 4 and RM4,888 for MCA 7777), and Tan Lay Kang, who forked out RM42,000 for three numbers (RM15,400 for MCA 8888, and RM13,300 each for MCA 3333 and MCA 9999).

Another is MCA 1949, purchased by the MCA for RM2,200 to symbolise the year the party was founded.

Duyong state assemblyman Gan Tian Loo from Malacca spent RM28,600 on MCA 5.

But it isn’t just the auspicious numbers that get the people’s attention.

A news report in 2004 noted that the plate TAH1 was bought for RM14,300 by someone who must have had a sense of humour.

Also, someone posted on a web forum several years ago that the most beautiful number plate he had seen was BBB 888 as it was designed like a piece of art.

Former Penang DAP strongman Gooi Hock Seng went around with MR 6001 to reflect his surname.

Some motorists are willing to hold off the purchase of their vehicles until they get the right number plate.

T. Manuel, who bid for 1988, said: “I waited a while and finally got it for only RM300.”

Another motorist, M. Phylis Mann, said she paid RM200 for the number 1798, which she said signified long-term prosperity.

In the past, JPJ had also released special licence plates for major events such as the 1998 Commonwealth Games and meetings of Asean and the Organisation of Islamic Conference.

“I will not be surprised if we get huge bids for plates starting with WWW – the acronym for the World Wide Web,” Transport Minister Datuk Seri Kong Cho Ha said.

Another possible popular choice would be the Selangor plate carrying the letters BMW.

The JPJ has earned significant revenue from tenders of special numbers, which is its third highest source of revenue after the renewal of road tax and driving licences.

Currently there are 21,250,145 registered vehicles on the road.

Spammed by the Prime Minister!

To: Aust – Paul Goh Melbourne ; BEC – Rita Yeoh ; BEC – Rita Yeoh ; Dr. Hwang Ipoh ; Dr. Vincent Ng ; Friends – Albert Chong from BEC ; Friends – Bernard Yong ; Friends – Cheng Ning Bing ; Friends – Eddy Chong ; Friends – Frankie Low ; “Friends – Henry @ Farri” ; Friends – Jimmy Tiow ; Friends – Lai Chak Ming ; Friends – Uncle Millian ; SGI – Al Teoh Teik Sun ; SGI – Chuah Chong Chaw ; SGI – Kuah Tee San ; SGI – Major Rajah Krishnan ; SGI – Teoh Teik San ; SGI – Vincent Soo ; Dr. JayaMatthew ; Dr. VanajaMsava ; Dr. Vellayan ; Dr. Victor Paul ; Friends – Ravichandran ; Ind – Amarjit Ruba ; Ind – Anbarasu renganathan ; Ind – Anblagan ; Ind – Caroljit kaur ; “Ind –” ; Ind – Dominic Silva ; Ind – Ganesan Mani ; Ind – Hari Menon ; Ind – Mahesh ; Ind – Marik Singh ; Ind – Pannirselvam arumugam ; Ind – Prem vasuthevan ; Ind – Rita Kumar ; Ind – SivasupramaniumJph ; Ind – VAsANTHA ; Ind – VENAGADASAMY APPALASAMY ; Ind – Vickraman ; Friends – Cheah Sin ; Q – Lim Choo Hock ; Q – Lim Choo Hock ; SGI – Abdullah Ong Hean Chye ; SGI – Capt Low Seng Joo ; SGI – Chan Chong Meng ; SGI – Cheah Nam Tim ; SGI – Chong Gin Ooi ; SGI – Chuah Chong Chaw ; SGI – Dr Goh Chooi Beow ; SGI – Dragonhead ; SGI – Eddy Kok Sang Chong ; SGI – Ho Boon Eng ; SGI – Lai Si Meng ; SGI – Lee Gan Tan ; SGI – Lee Soon Eng ; SGI – Melvin Loh ; SGI – Nah Kiat Gee ; SGI – Ng Hock Sing ; SGI – Paul Ooi Keat Ho ; SGI – Richard Teoh ; SGI – Sree Pathmanathan ; SGI – Tan Chee You ; SGI – Thomas Zachariah ; SGI – Toh Hock Thiam
Sent: Saturday, February 19, 2011 3:04 AM
Subject: Spammed by the Prime Minister!

———- Forwarded .com>
Date: Sat, Feb 19, 2011 at 2:04 PM
Subject: Spammed by the Prime Minister!

Spammed by the Prime Minister!

> Read the following article by the highly regarded Kee Thuan Chye, comment on it (show it here at the end of the article) and CIRCULATE to show our disdain and contempt for the PM for hijacking our email addresses and our privacy
> by Kee Thuan Chye
> NO less than the Prime Minister has just spammed me! In an email wishing me Happy Chinese New Year. I’m not pleased. In fact, when I got the email, I freaked out. How did he get my address? I take strong umbrage against whoever gave it to him. It is an invasion of my privacy.
> Najib (or rather, his assistants) reportedly sent out that email to 1.5 million people. The Star reported that many were happy to get it – in a report quoting only three people. And two of them had Muslim-sounding names! From the tweets I’ve seen, it seems many Muslims have been getting the email too. Some tweeters considered the greeting “insincere”, some suggested reporting the matter to Cyber 999 and even the police.
> Many questioned how Najib or his assistants got their e-mail addresses. There’s a theory going round that it came from the database of a media conglomerate. If this is true, the practice is, of course, not right. It contravenes the cyberworld law of data privacy. Whoever gave the data to him showed that they did not respect that privacy.
> My wife got a CNY greeting from Najib too – via an SMS. Did her telco give her number to Najib and Co? Is that a proper thing to do? This episode shows that the personal details of Malaysians are not safe from prying and abuse. And that Big Brother is watching. That’s a scary prospect.
> Najib’s greeting is yet another of the public relations campaigns he has been mounting for more than a year now. Those who are aware realize they are nothing more than efforts to win votes for the next general election, but there are plenty of others who are not so clued-in.
> This Chinese New Year campaign seems to have had an effect, especially on fence-sitters. Some of them said they were touched. They seemed swayed into believing that the PM cared enough to send them the greeting. This is not surprising, because gullible Malaysians often fall for cheap tricks all too easily. The number who have fallen victim to internet scams must be substantial. As a politician of long experience, Najib must surely know that.
> More public relations at work can be seen in the awarding of datukships in conjunction with Federal Territory Day. The number of Indians being awarded this year is relatively high. Seen in relation to Barisan Nasional’s bid to sustain its regaining of the Indian vote, this is to be expected.
> Among the awardees, also expected, is K Rajagopal, the national football coach who recently guided his team to winning the small-time AFF Suzuki Cup. I’ve written before that his achievement in that competition is not something worthy of a datukship, but we all know that football ranks high in the popular Malaysian imagination, so not only has Rajagopal been made a datuk; also awarded is former football ace Santokh Singh.
> Najib’s own special assistant, Ravindren Chelliah Ponniah, also gets to be a datuk. So do a couple of other Singhs. And guess who else? R Thanenthiran, president of Parti Makkal Sakthi Malaysia. For what? For forsaking Hindraf and crossing to the other side?
> What about the Datuk Seri title for the president of the People’s Progressive Party (PPP), M Kayveas? What has Kayveas done of late to deserve this higher award? That’s how the next general election is going to be won – by public relations. Of which BN being in government has plenty of resources to invest in.
> Similarly, it has the resources to hijack Pakatan Rakyat’s recently announced pledge to abolish toll on all highways within 100 days of coming to power. A few days ago, Najib declared – in perfect time for the Tenang by-election – that the toll for the Salak to Taman Connaught stretch on the East-West Link Expressway would be abolished by May. He also announced that the toll for two other expressways would not be increased for the next five years. According to him, no compensation would be paid to the highway concessionaires, implying that it would not cost taxpayers anything.
> Whether this is true remains to be seen. An engineer of long experience in the relevant industry that I spoke to is very skeptical about it. He feels that there will be other ways of compensation made to the concessionaires that will ultimately involve payment by the rakyat.
> Last December, when Pakatan Rakyat announced its pledge to abolish tolls, Najib pooh-poohed it and said it was irresponsible. But now he’s going for it himself. He has even hinted that there will be more good news on the same subject soon. I suspect he will make the North-South Expressway toll-free. He might announce this on the eve of the next general election and make a major score from it. If that happens, you can bet that the taxpayer will not be able to avoid compensating the concessionaires in one way or another. Regardless of what Najib might say then to the contrary.
> We have to be circumspect. We have to learn not to be so easily fooled. On the surface, a proposition may sound good, but there can be hidden drawbacks underlying it which of course will be kept secret at the time of announcement. We have also to be aware that all these public relations efforts made by Najib are intended for one main purpose. Apart from that, they also distract public attention from the questionable goings-on.
> Only last week, it was revealed that there is now a new department in the Prime Minister’s Office called FLOM – for First Lady of Malaysia – manned by a staff of six. And it looks after the operational needs of Najib’s wife, Rosmah Mansor. Never in our history has there ever been such a department. It reeks of nepotism and other things besides. Why should the PM’s wife have a department all to herself? Are there institutionalized provisions for such a thing? Who is paying for the upkeep of this department? We need to snap out of our distracted state and pressure Najib to justify the setting-up of FLOM. Let’s see how his public relations advisers will respond to that. For CNY, they came up with spam; for FLOM, will they come up with flam?
> Just for fun, here are two Urban Dictionary definitions of “flom” – 1) To untie someone’s shoe lace while they aren’t looking, so they get pissed off and have to retie it (e.g. “Hey, stop it! This is the fifth time you’ve flommed me!”); 2) to do something sexual to someone of the opposite sex.
> Either way you look at it, it sounds naughty!
> This PM fella is really desperate, bending so low just to gain a few miserable brownie points. I did not receive an email, but I did get an SMS. No matter, I am still pissed off. The man with the highest position in the land, stooping so low – stealing my sacred privy info and pretending to send me CNY greetings – just to get my vote? No way.
> I view his actions as despicable, disgusting, deplorable, disdainful and desperate.

New unit to boost bumiputra economic participation

So this is 1Malaysia is all about—give give more to Bumiputra

New unit to boost bumiputra economic participation

PUTRAJAYA: Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak launched the “Unit Peneraju Agenda Bumiputera” (Teraju) to further strengthen the bumiputra development agenda.

The special unit would look into five areas, including entrepreneurship and wealth creation, to boost bumiputra economic participation.

The remaining areas are funding, education and employment, institutional and policy instrument review and stakeholder management.

The Prime Minister said Teraju would also propose institutional reforms to increase effectiveness. “Teraju will work with relevant agencies to develop implementation initiatives, review existing programmes and manage the implementation of these programmes,” he said at the launch after chairing the Bumiputra Agenda Action Council meeting yesterday.

“To better understand ground issues and sentiments, it will be crucial for Teraju to engage with non-governmental organisations and stakeholders,” he said.

US agrees to send volunteer English teachers

NOW that is really Malaysia at the worst Bodoh!!!
Did US agree to send the English teachers or Msia ask for it?
Anyway, there are good English teachers in Msia but they are all giving private tuition.
For Allah sake, if you have curriculum in English, the you don’t need USA English.

American English is different from British English!!!

Malaysia is really BODOH!!

Laughing my ass off!!!

US agrees to send volunteer English teachers

WASHINGTON: Volunteer teachers from the United States will soon be heading round the globe to teach English in Malaysia.

The US government has agreed to Malaysia’s proposal to revive its Peace Corps programme after a 21-year lapse and will send their teachers over once a mechanism has been worked out.

The move, in the wake of improved relations between both countries, will help alleviate the shortage of English teachers in Malaysia and improve proficiency of the language.

“If possible, we want to start (the programme) this year,” said Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin after a meeting with US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton on Friday.

With the nod from the US government, Muhyiddin, who is also Education Minister, said his Ministry could now draw up details on the implementation of the programme and present it to the Cabinet.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak first made the proposal to revive the programme when he met US President Barack Obama in September last year.

The Peace Corps, which was very popular in the 1960s, is an American volunteer programme which provides technical assistance and helps people outside the United States to understand their culture and expose Americans to the cultures of other countries.

Najib had said Malaysia was prepared to partly sponsor the programme of bringing in qualified teachers to teach English.

Clinton extended a warm welcome to Muhyiddin during their meeting on Friday, describing it as an “excellent meeting”, just like their last one in Kuala Lumpur in November.

“It is very exciting for the breadth and depth of our relationship to be on such a positive track, and I look forward to continuing to work closely with the Government and people of Malaysia for a better future,” she remarked after the meeting at the Department of State.

Speaking to journalists later, Muhyiddin said Clinton was impressed with Malaysia’s achievements and felt it could be a role model for other developing countries.

She had cited three criteria that Malaysia met for a model country – having a democratic and effective government as well as economic growth.

Muhyiddin also updated Clinton on Malaysia’s participation in the Trans Pacific Partnership which he regarded as a 21st century agreement that would further boost trade for the eight member countries.



Another blast from Dr. Ronnie Tan Kee Kwong…

” Without fear and favour..”, this heroic scion of
Tan Sri Dr. Tan Chee Khoon… ..
an intrepid politician of his father’s mettle and character…

From the desk of Dr Tan Kee Kwong 14/8/2010

Dear Najib & your cronies in the BN,

I learnt with alarm that for the past 3 years, Petronas has given to the Federal Government 290 billion ie 290,000 JUTA! Wow, what a fantastic sum of money. Please Najib, Pak Lah & Mahathir, tell us the rakyat how you spent or wasted this huge sum of money.

As I have said before, Petronas as an entity, was & still is quite a well run company. But the past 3 PM,s have ruined it all. By a special Act of Parliament passed in the 70’s PDA i.e. Petroleum Development Act, Petronas is only accountable to the PM ONLY. In the past we had 2 Oil Ministers who had no say at all. Even under PDA, the Minister of Finance has no say at all. Even the Cabinet cannot examine the true accounts of Petronas. What a shame !
This is totally unacceptable. You can rest assured that the incoming Pakatan Rakyat Federal Government will change all that. Those that have plundered the wealth of the nation had better watch out, you will be charged & sent to jail for a very long time !

Under Mahathir, Dividends paid to the Govt was about 2 to 3 billion annually. The so called Mr Clean i.e. Pak Lah forced Petronas to pay 10 billion then 20 billion finally to pay 30 billion. During Mr Clean tenure as PM dividends paid was 10x what was paid during Mahathir’s time . . . . ???!
Where did all this money go ?
Mainly to finance all the budget deficits during his rule.
A lot went to useless Defense spending.
Also the nation only got 10 billion worth out of 30 billion !

In the 80’s& 90’s about 100 billion was spent from Petronas coffers to bail out Bank Bumiputra TWICE . Also during the finacial crise of 1997, Petronas was forced to buy MISC to bail out Mahatir’s son.

I remember in the mid 50’s my family stayed for 2 years in no 2 Jalan Penang . At that time there was only the Race Course there. As kids we enjoyed plucking the delicious rambutans there. Now it is so different.
At that time the HQ of Petronas was housed in Dayabumi. There was a severe shortage of office space as the Petronas operations expanded very fast.

Initially the plan was to build a new HQ in Jln Tun Razak, opposite the Royal Sgor Golf Club.(site of the present Prnce Court Hospital ) That plan was aborted as the DCA(Dept of Civil Aviation) objected strongly as it was in the flight path of the Sungai Besi RMAF Air Base. Then Petronas went ahead to buy a piece of land in Jalan Ampang, behind Yow Chuan Plaza for only 30 million.

Suddenly Mahathir intervened & came out with a devious plan to steal the money from Petronas to enrich his special crony etc. First there was the outcry in the press on how the Race Course was causing massive traffic jams every week-end. So the Federal Government & DBKL decided that the Race Course must shift to Sungai Besi, its present site. If the land was sold/surrendered from the Turf Club to Petronas direct that will be perfectly OK. BUT the Turf Club was forced to sell its land to a very special Mahatir Crony. Within a matter of a few months the special crony sold the land to Petronas at a huge price of 600 Million !
The top brass of Petronas was instructed,
‘ CANNOT negotiate the price, just pay ! ‘ .
How ridiculous, who pays 600 million without even a one dollar discount . . . ??!
Please Mahathir, you were in charge of Petronas then who was the crony/individual involved & who others benefited.

Another ginormous scandal that cost the nation US100 BILLION. Recently Mahathir wrote in his blog site that 3 weeks before Pak Lah stepped down as PM he “gave’ the above land to Brunei . Wonder what made him do that, maybe in one of his naps in public he just assigned our rights to Brunei . I am sure it was not for free, many relatives & cronies benefited because this is a business deal, not an NGO doing charity.
In the past Petronas went into joint sharing agreements with Vietnam , Cambodia , Thailand , Indonesia etc This should have been the case in Block L and Block M.

Sarawakians , plaese wake up ! ! !
You stay in on of the poorest states in Malaysia .
Your Ketua Menteri(Pek Moh) is so blatantly corrupt that even his BN broyhers in SUPP are complaining..
And Pak Lah “gave???” your wealth away to Brunei


UMNO/BN plase come clean on the real affairs of Petronas.
Abolish the present PDA Act. Replace it with a better & more transparent Act that the financial affairs of Petronas MUST be accountable to the Parliament
Examine the real cause of the severe drop in FDI.
Not only that even the local tycoons have very little faith in this country.
Don’t you care…!??? Every year at least 400,000 finish their SPM examinations. With this state of affairs what is going to happen to them ?

Don’t just enrich yourselves, give a little bit back to the Nation !

More people in the know should write more such revealing articles!

Subject: Fwd: Fw: Fwd: Now,Who is the traitor?


From the desk of Dr Tan Kee Kwong.*

Dear Najib,

Salam. I read with great interest today papers about your comments. In it you were quoted that those who talk bad about Felda & called it bankrupt are to be regarded as traitors to the Nation.

The sad truth is that after you took charge of Felda in 2005, you turned what was a very successfulorganisation into a financial nightmare. In fact you are the traitor who has stolen the poor peneroka’s money.

I am sure you know that for the next General Election, Felda schemes & their votes determine about 60 Federal Parliament Seats. From my feedback, many of the peneroka are boiling mad.

They have been exploited & taken for a ride.

If what you say is true & ALL the peneroka are so happy with the UMNO/BN government, why the sudden interest in the welfare of the peneroka,

Why the many cash handouts?

Please explain the following.

1. In 2001, the cash reserves of Felda was RM4.5 billion with ZERO borrowing. Recently your

Deputy Minister replied that the cash reserves has plunged to RM1.2 billion. This is

despite the fact that for the past 3 years, the CPO price has been very high. If you have

looked after Felda properly the cash reseves should now be at least RM8 billion.

2. New Felda HQ in KLCC.

Said to cost RM662 million, Explain how this six star building is going to help the poor

peneroka, many of whom only get nett RM500 per month. Why a huge deposit of

RM235 million paid even before construction started? Why the decision was made at

a secret meeting in your DPM’s office in Putrajaya without the knowledge or

approval of the Felda board? Recently Ahmad Maslan siad this is a very good

investment as it has already made paper profit of RM300 million. Pray how did he come

to this conclusion when the building is not even finished or sold!

3. Felda Global Ventures.

We know that Felda has invested at least RM3 billion on these projects. We also know

thta since day one it has been losing money, in fact it has lost RM300 million.

Twin Rivers Project in USA, invested RM500 million

Cattle rearing project invested RM600 million

Since you say we are traitors, tell us in detail what has happened .

The peneroka in Felda Keratong near Segamat are laughing, the imported cattle for

the cattle project have to be kept in an air conditioned room 24 hours a day!

4. Why the need to borrow from EPF?

Before you started on Felda Global Ventures. Felda never borrowed from EPF.

Is this borrowing secure? To all the EPF contributors beware, your money is used

to finance many of these dubious schemes which Najib started

5. Skim Tabung tanam semula

In August this year I visited a Felda scheme near Kemaman

Talked to a peneroka who wants to sue Felda. He has been contributing to this fund

for psat 17 years & has accumulated RM17,000. However when he replanted his old oil

trees, he did not use the fund but used his own money instead. It has been 3 years now

tried to get his OWN money back, but the Felda administration has refused so far.

Wonder why, if Felda is so well run & cash rich why can’t even pay this poor peneroka

a paltry sum?

6. Felda settlers to camp outside Felda HQ.

In October this year, there was a report that many settlers were not happy with Felda for

refusing to settle their replanting payments. So this case i quoted above is widespread

& happening in many. many schemes round the country.

7. Oil palm fruit sent to Mill

In Felda Kemahang, Kelantan. Felda lost the case as it was proved that Felda was not

paying the proper amount sent to mill. It was a landmark case. On appeal Felda lost the

case. Soon after that you visited a scheme near Bahau. Instead of respecting the court’s

decision you made a silly remark like Felda will engage the best lawyers & fight all the

remaining cases in court. Good for you, you will make mare peneroka angry with you!


1. Subject the whole of Felda to an independant audit & publish the findings.

2. Felda has 43 subsidiaries

publish all their annual reports & subject them to an audit as well


He was also a former Deputy Minister of Land and Cooperative Development.

Corruption in Malaysia…..Dudh!!

Sent: Tue, December 28, 2010 11:03:35 PM
Subject: William Leong, PKR Treasurer- preparing for the next GE

Message from William Leong, PKR Treasurer
Dear ALL,

Fellow country-men/women & all,

Pls pass this important message to all your relatives, friends and contacts (who are still Malaysians). Those living overseas pls help to fwd this e-mail.

This message below is directed to All Malaysians. If you are not a Malaysian, then take it for information sake.
Politics itself is not dirty, but it’s people who make it dirty….so it depends on which side of the fence you are in. Thanks to W.F. Cheah for sharing this article by William Leong. William Leong is the treasurer of PKR and younger brother of ex minister, Paul Leong. Practicing in law for 20 odd years before going into politics.


All Malaysians are duty bound to help each other to achieve a better life in our country. With the performance of the UMNO/BN for the last 52 years, especially the last 28 years, the country has been raped by politicians and their cronies. You know how arrogant they are, let us have a good look at:

1. They are extending the APs to 2015 ! They are giving themselves free money. This is daylight robbery. We are talking big bucks, billions/year from the rakyat (including common Malays).

2. The taxes and duties on cars continue to be high to protect Proton but we the public pay through our nose. If the PR government comes into power we can expect prices to drop by at least 50% for imported cars. Why are we paying these cronies our hard earned money so that they can drive around in their new and latest Ferraris, BMWs etc.

3. Have you noticed that they appoint themselves to high paying jobs and positions where they can also earn additional side incomes? Again, these side incomes run into billions.

4. The Accountant General reported that RM 28B was wasted by you know who and for who. These figures probably do not involve the highly secretive arms contracts which run into another many billions.

5. Look at the way they snatched the Perak State government.

6. Look at the way they treated Teoh Beng Hock.

7. Look at the way they are trying to get Anwar.

8. Look at the Lingam case. No action taken even after Royal Commission had confirmed his wrong doing.

9. Look at the PKFZ delaying tactics, get one report after another, and then another and if necessary another and then only the small fish get caught and hauled to Court. What a way to fool us? Either they are stupid or we are stupid. The abuse and cheating has been going on for far too long. Only you and I, and together with all Malaysians who care, can stop them. Between now and the next General Elections, we have to campaign now as if the GE is just 6 months from now. Not only do we campaign, we must get our friends to get others and others to do the same. Let us not be fooled again and again.

Please start now, if 10 of us can each get 10 we will have 100 and if each of the hundred gets 10 we will have 1000. If we keep going, we will reach more than 10 million Malaysian voters to force a change. This is a legacy we must give our children/grandchildren ! T

Look at Indonesia, Japan, S. Korea and Taiwan, all their old and corrupt parties have been replaced, Malaysia should be the next.

What Independence? On this August 31st, we shall celebrate the 52nd anniversary of the British leaving our country. I did not say we are celebrating the 52nd anniversary of our independence. This is because
our people have not enjoyed real liberty, democracy or justice. Without liberty, democracy or justice there is no independence. In these 52 years the oppressive rule of a foreign colonial master has been replaced by the oppressive rule of a local master… with an iron fist.

They use the same instruments of oppression as the British did. They use the ISA, the Sedition Act, the Printing Press & Publications Act and detention without trial. The freedom of assembly, the freedom of expression and the freedom to live a life of dignity free from fear and oppression are illusions. In these 52 years the yoke of a foreign colonial master has been replaced by the yoke of a local master. They use the same policy of “divide and rule”. They survive by feeding off racialism. They survive by fostering divisiveness. They survive by preaching religious intolerance.

What Teoh Beng Hock died for?
Malaysians will not know real independence, will not be free and will not enjoy democracy unless this oppressive regime is thrown out. They must be thrown out and pay for what they have done to Teoh Beng Hock. We must not forget what he stood for. More importantly, we must not forget what he died for. He lived to help Malaysians in the struggle against corruption and oppression. He died so that our struggle can live. He died fighting for justice.

What Justice? Without justice we cannot say we have liberty or democracy or equal rights. We cannot say we have liberty or freedom when Tamil schools have no tables and chairs. When in Sabah and Sarawak, schools have no electricity. A child that is illiterate is not free. We cannot say we have democracy or equal rights for women, when a Chinese girl with 9A1s cannot enter a university.. A girl without a job has no rights. We cannot say we have freedom of choice when a man cannot feed his family.

A starving man has no choice. Liberty, democracy and freedom are meaningless words when there is no justice. Justice is political liberty. Justice is economic independence. Justice is equality. There is no political liberty when you vote out of fear. There is no economic independence when you give your support out of fear your son’s scholarship will be withdrawn or your license will be withdrawn.

There is no freedom of choice when you elect a party out of fear for your contract or your business. This is what has been happening in these 52 years and this will continue if we do not act. There will be many more Teoh Beng Hocks and many more Port Klang Free Zones if we do not stop them.

What One Malaysia? Najib says he wants One Malaysia. Teoh Beng Hock’s death has shocked us back to reality. We cannot just listen to rhetoric. We must look at the deeds. When we look, we see what has been done, is a far cry from what has been said. The Perak government has been stolen from its people. Najib has now declared his intention to grab the Selangor government.

The MACC is a tool. It is used to de-stabilize the Pakatan Rakyat government. Teoh Beng Hock was interrogated throughout the night. He was grilled for buying RM2,400 worth of Malaysian flags. No one has been grilled when PKFZ loss RM12.6 billion.

The MACC officers are raiding the Pakatan Exco members’ office so often they are becoming fixtures. Cars and cows and Malaysian flags have become a fixation of the MACC.

MACC has not shown the same enthusiasm when it comes to BN assemblymen who used up their annual allocation of RM500,000 in 2 months before the general elections. The MACC has also not shown any interest in the trips by the former chief minister and his family to study the river system in Disney Land. There is no investigation into how the former chief minister can afford to purchase a multi-million ringgit mansion that is beyond the means of a chief minister’s salary. Barisan Nasional machinery is now on the move.

Books attacking Anwar Ibrahim and Khalid Ibrahim are being distributed.
The authors of these books are sowing the seeds of hatred and contempt. They desecrate the Hindu’s sacred cow in a protest filled with bigotry. They protest against a Hindu temple built 150 years ago when the area was a plantation that today, just like its devotees, the estate workers, had been left behind by development.

They have forgotten Muslims were invited to practice their religion amongst the people of Yathrib. They are beating the drums of race and religion and the tone is becoming harsher with each beat.

The people must now decide. There cannot be any fence sitters. There is no middle ground.

When Teoh Beng Hock was thrown out of the window on 14th Floor, the people of Malaysia was thrown together with him into the sea of political troubles.

Whether Malaysia will sink or swim is now up to the people. The people must decide once and for all what is right and what is wrong. There cannot be a neutral ground.

Dante said: “The hottest place in Hell is reserved for those who remain neutral in times of moral crisis.”

Today in Malaysia there is no place for neutrality. Malaysians must make their choice now. If we want to know what is evil and what is right, we must use our moral compass. It is only when we know the direction where justice lies can we know where we must stand. Do we want to choose liberty and justice which are always right or do we want to choose corruption, hatred, arrogance and oppression which are always wrong?

The choice is clear.
Every Malaysian must make his stand.

When you stand for liberty we stand with you. I want to tell you that when you stand for liberty, we will stand with you. When you defend democracy, we will be your shield.

When you fight for justice, we will be your sword.
We will always be with you.

They assaulted *Anwar Ibrahim. *They threw him in jail for 6 long years. They call him a traitor and worse. But Anwar will always be here to fight for you. They hounded and harassed *Lim Kit Siang. *They detained him in Kamunting. But Lim Kit Siang will always be here to stand by you. They attacked *Tok Guru Nik Aziz *and tried to humiliate him. But Tok Guru Nik Aziz will always be here to protect you.

We have been tested. They have thrown everything they have at us but we are still standing and we are still here.

We were here in November 2007 when a sea of yellow marched for a free and fair election. This was *BERSIH*. We were here in December when thousands in orange marched for equality. This was *Makal Sakthi*.This was the ripple that started the tsunami.

Barisan Nasional was swept out of 5 states. Since then Barisan Nasional has become more extreme in their policies. They have become more brutal with the people. When we Hope So on 1st August, the lovers of justice and liberty marched again. Again Barisan Nasional responded with violence and brutality. 638 people including women and children were arrested. Despite the police shutting down the city, despite the many road blocks and barricades, despite the arrest of those wearing black, the number who succeeded in gathering far exceeded my expectations.

But the size of the gathering cannot be bigger than my hope for Malaysia.

My hope is for every one that braved the tear gas and water cannons there will be many thousands more.

We want hundreds of thousands to march with us. We will march from under the shadow of fear into the light of justice. My hope is that the flame burning in each who gathered that day will kindle the hearts and minds of many thousands more.

Malaysians will find the courage to standup for principles and convictions.

We must stand up for what is right.

This is my hope and this is the hope of all Malaysians.

Truth, love and justice will prevail over the forces of hate and oppression. This will only happen when the silent majority refuses to remain silent anymore. This will only happen when the voice of the majority is finally heard.

We must be confident that oppression and corruption cannot endure. We must take comfort that truth and justice will always prevail. But this can only be achieved if we fight for it.

We must fight today for a better tomorrow.

Do not let our children look back and say that these are dark days. Let them say that these are great days. These are the most glorious days that our country ever had. These days will be remembered as the days when we were called, we answered. We stood up! We stood together shoulder to shoulder irrespective of race or religion. We fought and we prevailed. Each of us played our part according to our strengths.

Our children and their children will look back on these days and celebrate it as the days we became *ONE NATION*.

These days will be etched in our Nation’s history as the days we won over injustice and oppression. These will be the days we celebrate *THE TRUE MERDEKA*.

Thank you, Xie xie, vanakam …

Have a blessed day.
…………. ……… ……… ……… ……… ………. ……… ………. ……… ……… …………. ……… ……… ……… ……….


1Malaysia- is fucking Bogus piece of lie

In America, there are many races-Chinese; different kinds of Asians, Indians, Blacks, whites, Hispanics, etc etc, gays, lesbians and etc etc and other species of race- and we live under ONE COUNTRY CALLED UNITED STATES OF AMERICA AND ALL OF US FOLLOW THE SAME RULES OF LAW. NO law is favored towards one race and no one is above the law.

In 1Malaysia, they expect all races to live together in harmony but the problem is the Malays aka the Bumiputras have special rules for them which are in their favor!!! they have their own interest free loans which they don’t have to pay back, their own special land rights–bumiputra land, Bumiputra housings, open door policy in loans, education and free for all—whatever business they can get..for free.
How about other races? They are being screwed deep each freaking day!!

SO HOW CAN THIS 1malaysia work??
This 1Malaysia concept is so freaking piece of bogus propaganda lie!!!

Selangor bans 1M’sia logo on billboard ads

KLANG: Selangor has banned advertisements on billboards that feature the 1Malaysia logo.

The 1Malaysia logo is a political logo, said state Housing and Local Government Committee chairman Ronnie Liu, adding that this contravenes local by-laws.

“You don’t see any billboard in Selangor carrying the PKR, PAS or DAP logo,” he told The Star, adding that the prohibition was not a new development.

“Local government by-laws in Selangor clearly state that political symbols cannot be used on billboard advertisements,” said Liu.

He said the 1Malaysia advertisements were a political message of the Barisan Nasional.

“It is clear that Barisan is pushing hard for the 1Malaysia concept and to send out its message to the people,” he said, adding that it was nothing but a political agenda and not allowed in the state.

He said it was only at certain times, such as a general election, that such advertisements would be allowed.

“Not on normal days,” he said.

“There are no DAP, PAS or PKR advertisements on the streets. It should be the same for Barisan,” added Liu.

He said the state government sent out circulars to all local and district councils in Selangor recently to reiterate the prohibition because certain quarters had wanted to include the 1Malaysia logo in their billboard advertisements.

“There was enthusiasm to add the logo in advertisements by certain quarters.

“So we had to remind the councils to be firm in prohibiting it,” he said.

Asked if Selangor was the only opposition state to ban 1Malaysia billboard advertisements, Liu said he was unsure of it.

Meanwhile, workers from the Kuala Langat district council tore down an advertisement bearing the 1Malaysia logo from a convenience store, sparking protest from about 50 people who included Umno and MIC members.

Store owner K. Thiagarajan, 26, said he and his two partners were shocked that they were not allowed to place a 1Malaysia poster in front of their shop.

“I obtained permission from the district council in September to put up the poster and was taken aback when I was summoned last Thursday to remove the advertisement,” he told reporters before submitting a complaint to council president Abdul Razak Jaafar.

“It is unfair to ask us to remove the poster, especially after we were given permission to put it up,” added Thiagarajan, who was accompanied by his lawyer.

Why me and many others left Malaysia?

All Malaysians that have left Malaysia and working abroad are so much better off-financially as well as the quality of life!!!
Forced to take their skills abroad

DR GEORGE LEE, 41, urologist who was trained in Oxford and Cambridge, Kuala Lumpur

“I returned home in 2007 from London after more than 20 years. Malaysia is an adventure for me.
Dr Lee: Happy to be back even though he now earns one-tenth of what he used to.

I came home to find myself. I first left home at the age of 16. My dad wanted me to have a good education and sent me to northern Ireland as it was the cheapest place he could find as a war was going on.

I lived on a farm and would milk 500 cows a day for £20 to earn money to help pay my rent. I didn’t get to come home for a visit until five years later at the age of 21.

When I was in the UK, I wanted to throw off my Chinese past and adopt Western ways. I later realised success is not how people view you but how you view yourself.

I came home for myself, my family, to preserve my culture, my tradition for my two children. Just the other day, I was teaching my son how to fold the Chinese hell currency which we burn for our ancestors.

When you live abroad, nobody cares about you or comes to visit, unless they have nowhere to stay. I went back to London in 2009 and visited the place where I used to stay. The coffee vendor by the street was still there. He saw me and asked,“your regular expresso?” He didn’t even notice I had been gone for two years!

I am happy to be back even though I earn one-tenth of what I used to. I am grateful for what I have, my family.”

AZLINDA ARIFFIN-BOROMAND, corporate counsel, international law firm Fasken Mertineau, London

“My work covers cross-border mergers and acquisitions, capital market work, fundraising and listing on AIM Market of London Stock Exchange, with a focus on Asia-Pacific businesses.

I left six years ago after 10 years of practising as a lawyer in Malaysia to get more international exposure. London is a financial hub of the world and I know to be an international corporate lawyer, I need to be there to gain experience.

In order to be a developed nation by 2020, Malaysia has to speed up on our skills and intellectual property. A lot of good progress has been made so far and I think this will continue.

However, we don’t have much time, so we need to be more receptive and adaptable. The education system needs to be beefed up so that we have the necessary skills to compete in the global arena.

Meritocracy is important and we need to get this right.

My years of working in London has opened my eyes to a lot of things. I had to start from scratch in my profession as everything is judged on merit here.

I think it is good as it has helped me to be so much better as a lawyer as well as a person. No doubt, I would like to bring this back home someday.”

IGNATIUS RASIAH, 52, (pic) materials scientist, Ireland

“I feel so sad that what I do, developing new technology, is not for my country.

I would love to come back because Malaysia is home and there is no place like home. We did try to come back in 1995 but we could not get any jobs despite trying for 10 months. In the end, we went to Singapore and I got a job within a month.

Malaysia has missed out on several waves of new technology; we didn’t build on what we have (Intel set up its first plant outside of the US in Penang).

For me to come back, I would like to see a meritocracy-based system, total transparency in economic, political, academic, technological and administration management and equal enforcement of law for all.

DR MALINI OLIVO, 49, medical scientist, Ireland

“To conduct research that leads to new discoveries for the advancement of medical science which can help the world, we need funding and I don’t know whether Malaysia has the resources to commit to that.

As a principal investigator of the National Cancer Centre of Singapore, I held S$5mil (RM12mil) funding at any given time for my research.

Malaysians do well anywhere they go, not only because they are smart but because they are very hard-working. Their attitude is ‘work hard and do what you have to do but don’t expect anything in return’.”
Happy abroad: Nor Eleeza and husband Mohd Fadzillah Razali prefer the quality of life in Bahrain.

NOR ELEEZA ABU BAKAR, 38, architect, Bahrain.

“Although Bahrain is not as well developed as Malaysia, we find the country adequate, less hectic and are able to have more quality time for ourselves.”

A female Malay academic working in London.

“I don’t know if there are any changes that would influence my return or otherwise, because my reason for leaving was strategic rather than really being upset with anything.

There are some changes I want to see in Malaysia, but I am realistic enough to believe these changes may not happen in my lifetime. Perhaps when my commitments have been fulfilled, I can return to help make those changes. But it would be nice to return to less traffic jams and a more efficient public transport system.

I think there is a case to be made for the Government to recognise talent we already have at home – unpolished gems lost in the back offices of MNCs, GLCs or the private sector. They may not be able to move without support due to financial constraints or other issues.

There needs to be a mechanism to support local-based talents with potential to secure employment in areas where they could flourish and contribute. Needless to say, they should also be rewarded with a salary that commensurates with their achievements and abilities.