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The Future of Bodohland

My tentative objectives for Bodohland :-

1) to publish Malaysian related sex scenes especially Malay women who were under the care of the current Barisan Nasional (UMNO, MIC, MCA, etc.) government.

2) to settle a deal with the corrupted BN government who has been swallowing large chunks of money (same pronounciation as sperm in Malay).  This deal involves the purchase of this website so that I would stop showing sex-related movies in Malaysia

It is just weird that when Anwar sodomises another guy, the Barisan Nasional or the current government machinery was working all their way out to put Anwar to sleep politically.  However, I just would like to show that there is a video of a Malay guy having anal sex with his girl friend at the staircase.

Later I will show how Malay tudung girls lick sperm that was ejaculated from a cock.  This is something like bukake but not that excessive.  I do believe this sperm licking girl is a potential candidate for bukake porn star if Malaysia allows it.

I am sure I would find a video of Malays having a gangbang session.  You guys just have to wait.  Hey, guys, please register and give me your comments on what you think of the videos.  Please help spread the word about !

I would also like to see some video of Malays having a double penetration.  That would be great!

Sodomy in Malaysia

Najib, Pak Lah and the rest of the fuckers are so eager to fucking frame Anwar by accusing Anwar of fucking Shaiful’s virgin ass hole.

Well, why aren’t Najib, Pak Lah and that fucking UMNO club of corruption taking action against this two Malays sodomising each other in public?  Let’s take a look at this guy’s KONEK.  Oh, by the way, he is an UMNO member.  His father is also an UMNO member.


Here what BodohLand is all about!!!

To all Malaysians:

Raja Petra DID NOT write the articles in Malaysia Today. I hereby statutorily declare that I am the author of “MalaysiaToday” in all your websites” All the articles were written by me aka

Sorry to break your bubbles!!!

All roads lead to

ISA—I suck ASS!!

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