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Ghost of Mongolian Model Continues to Haunt Malaysian Government

Thanks to the Vancouver Sun

Ghost of Mongolian Model Continues to Haunt Malaysian Government


Jonathan Manthorpe,

(Vancouver Sun July 5, 2010)

PM Najib, Wife Rosmah and Altantuya Shaaribuu

The ghost of murdered Mongolian model and translator Altantuya Shaariibuu refuses to lie quiet.

For the Malaysian government of prime minister Najib Tun Razak a line appeared to have been drawn under the sordid and politically explosive affair when two of his bodyguards from his days as defence minister were convicted last year of the young woman’s murder in the jungle outside Kuala Lumpur in October 2006.

But in the last few weeks two events have revived simmering questions about the connection of the murder to a $1.2 billion contract to buy two French Scorpene-class diesel submarines ordered while Najib was defence minister.

Najib’s friend and adviser on defence matters, Abdul Razak Baginda, whose wife’s company was paid a questionable $150 million over the submarine contract, had recently brought a love affair with Shaariibuu to an acrimonious end when she was abducted and murdered.

During the months’ long trial of the two police bodyguards every effort was made to ensure prime minister Najib’s name didn’t figure in evidence.

And in a move that astonished legal experts, the judge early on in the trial exonerated Baginda of any responsibility. He promptly fled to Britain where he remains.

The stage management of the trial convinced Malaysian human rights groups that it would be pointless to try to resolve the Shaariibuu case in the senior courts in Kuala Lumpur.

One of those Malaysian human rights groups, Suaram, has therefore pressed for a judicial inquiry in France, where there are a number of investigations underway of the notorious willingness of state-owned defence companies to pay bribes or other inducements in order to gain arms contracts.

In this case Parisian prosecutors started inquiries in March focusing on the $150 million paid to a Malaysian company called Perimekar, which was set up just before Najib signed in 2002 the deal to buy the two Scorpene submarines from the French state-owned shipbuilder DCN.

Perimekar was ostensibly hired to provide “coordination and support services” for the contract, but no evidence has been produced to show the company had the skills for such tasks or ever attempted to perform them.

razak bagindaPerimekar is a wholly-owned subsidiary of a company called KS Ombak Laut Sdn Bhd., whose principal shareholder is lawyer Mazalinda Baginda, the wife of prime minister Najib’s friend and adviser Razak Baginda.

Shaariibuu, 28 at the time of her death, had learned French when she was a model in Paris and there is evidence she acted as translator for her paramour Baginda during his negotiations with DCN over the submarines on behalf of Najib and the Malaysian government.

Malaysian authorities have responded to the move by French prosecutors to investigate DCN and particularly its submarine-manufacturing subsidiary Armaris, for possible corruption and paying kickbacks by insisting nothing is wrong.

A spokesman for prime minister Najib said recently the French prosecutors have the right to investigate, “but for us, there is no case to answer.” He added that the deal was entirely free of corruption.

Exactly why Shaariibuu was murdered by Najib’s bodyguards has never been entirely resolved, despite the long trial and 45 witnesses.

By some accounts, after Baginda jilted her, the young woman and a friend launched several noisy demonstrations outside Baginda’s house.

Baginda reportedly went to Najib’s chief of staff, Musa Safri, and asked for help in keeping the young woman away from his home.

mongolian beauty Pictures, Images and PhotosAs a result, the two police bodyguards, Chief Inspector Azilah Hadri and Corporal Sirul Azhar Umar, abducted Shaariibuu during one of her demonstrations, took her to the jungle outside the capital and shot her.

But they then used military C4 explosives to blow up the body in an apparent attempt to foil identification, though this act has, of course, led to speculation that Shaariibuu was pregnant.

But in a letter written by Shaariibuu and discovered after her death -a letter never produced in evidence -she indicated she was trying to blackmail Baginda for $500,000 to keep quiet about the details of the $150 million paid to his wife’s company, Perimekar.

There have also been suggestions that Shaariibuu knew details of the many other arms purchases made in the military equipment buildup overseen by Najib while he was defence minister from 2002 to 2008.

These deals include the purchase of Sukhoi supersonic fighter jet aircraft from Russia and of a small fleet of coastal defence vessels.

As well as Malaysian human rights organizations, Shaariibuu’s parents have been adamant that there has been no real justice for their murdered daughter.

With the stage-managed criminal trial now done, Shaariibuu’s father and mother have tried to bring a civil suit seeking compensation for her death against Baginda and the two convicted policemen.

In a strange move, Malaysia’s High Court in March ordered the family to make a security deposit of the equivalent of $20,000 for the case to be heard by the Court of Appeal and potentially to continue to the Federal Court.

The family was distraught, saying it could not raise such a sum.

But last week The Mongolian government announced it will put up the security bond demanded by the Malaysian court so the case can be heard, though at this point it seems more likely that Shaariibuu’s ghost will get justice in Paris rather than Kuala Lumpur.

Pontius Pilot of Malaysia?

Pontius Pilot of Malaysia?

thanks to the source,hope the ISA does not shut it down

A letter well written full of truths and incisive facts.

J. D. Lovrenciear, Malaysia Chronicle

Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad easily qualifies for the cloak of Pontius Pilot. And that is no compliment by any means.
There was a time when Malaysians stood by you as you promised a developed world for all of us. We went along with you backing your battering ram against the world.

Your war cry to ‘Buy British Last’ made us believe that we can be counted in the world. Likewise you hammered the Australians and we demanded their subservience.

You tried to pull the carpet under the feet of Singaporeans and we developed despite for them. You thundered your views on world economic and political matters and we believed you even to the extent of rubbishing off George Soros.

Some leaders of neighboring countries even hailed you as their mentor and brother – never mind the fact that one of them is a fugitive today and the other is being critically appraised for having allegiance to military rule.

You bulldozed through mega projects and we despised those who had second thoughts about your plans for all Malaysians. And so with the rakyat backing you all the way we saw the birth of Proton; the rise of Petronas Twin Towers; the hatching of Formula One motor sports; the hacking out for the Bakun Dam – just to name a few.

Most of us senior citizens even remember how we were made to rubbish off Bapa Malaysia and hail you as the Bapa Moden Malaysia. And we all followed you all the way.

Even on that seemingly fateful day you shed tears at the UMNO rostrum announcing your resignation as the PM of Malaysia, your fellow ministers sprung to your side – right and left, pleading that you retract.

But today, in your vintage years, we are witnessing your diabolic intentions with crystal clarity as you unashamedly continue to divide we Malaysians along race barriers. Your Malay Dilemma is making a full circle indeed.

Your mega structures and projects have only made this nation more vulnerable to changing economic uncertainties. The Proton is today on the verge of collapse without a saviour investor take-over. Imagine where we would be today if only you did not ‘cheat’ on the Asian Car venture then to get your “Mahathir’s Malaysian car” going.

The Bakun Dam has punched a hole so deep into the gorges of our economic resistance that we may never recover – not to mention the damage to the livelihood of indigenous people or the marvels of mother-nature.

The Twin Towers had to be near-salvaged by a telco tycoon and still struggles to draw one hundred percent occupancy.

What about the BMF scandal? The tin ore scam? And many more sins against the rakyat that freely circulates on the World Wide Web.

But what is most hurting is the fact that having been at the helm of this nation for so long, you not only killed all succession plans for the nation leaving us with two PMs who are unable to lead a nation into the twenty first century. Even you have not lent your support but continue to batter at their kinks making them flip and flop.

Worse, during your tenure as a leader, you made us all believe that opposition parties like PAS were nothing but a band of Arab-like camel-riding sword-wielding ultra conservatives. Today we know that the leader of PAS is respected by all races and creeds. He is to many a fine example of a living saint. Ask any Kelantanese Malay, Chinese or India and they will tell that to your face without hesitation

You sacked people who are still fighting relentlessly to prove your misdeeds. In wanting to divide and rule you sowed the seeds of deceit, hatred, mistrust and above all suspicion amongst Malaysians.

And now in your sunset years you are not adding any value to the struggle of a single nation. You are still pitting man against man along race-based divisions.

Why? Why Mr Mahathir Mohammad?

Why are you not playing the role of a seasoned and wise politician, leading not just Malaysians but even our neighbors with words of wisdom, inspiration and integrity? What is terribly wrong with you?

Are you not aware that you may be remembered upon your tombstone as the Pontius Pilot of Malaysia – the leader who betrayed his own people.

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Malaysians unemployed?

Five reasons why graduates are unemployed–I can think 100000000 reasons why local Msians are unemployed!!!READ BODOHLAND.COM AND YOU WILL BE EDUCATED.

1: they must be malay graduate?

2: tidak apa attitude

3:oh never mind-just show your Bumiputra malay card and you can get hired by the UMNO

KUALA TERENGGANU: Lack of industrial training and poor English are among five factors why graduates are unemployed, according to a study conducted by the Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers (FMM).

Other factors are low problem-solving skills, job-hopping and lack of self-confidence, said Higher Education Ministry student development and affairs director Prof Dr Mohd Fauzi Ramlan.

He said as graduates were bogged down with their poor communication skills in English, they should improve their command of the language.

“They have themselves to blame if they fail to convince employers on their potential,” he said when closing a two-day graduate etiquette programme at Universiti Malaysia Terengganu here Saturday.

He said graduates should also avoid being choosy about jobs and shrug off bad attitude of preferring to work in ones’ hometown. – Bernama

Malaysians-Do not use the Internet!!

Yea,Msians, go to for all your pleasures!!


Malaysians advised against being immersed in Facebook, Twitter

SEREMBAN: Malaysians, especially Muslims, must avoid being totally immersed in the internet culture, especially Facebook and Twitter, said Information Communication and Culture Minister Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim.

He added that facilities like internet could not be accepted wholly because it was a form of business introduced by the West and “Malaysians were just users.”

“We are not saying that they cannot use Facebook or Twitter but when using such facilities they must upkeep the values taught by Islam, Buddhism or Christianity to maintain our culture,” he told reporters after opening a Seminar on the 1Malaysia concept here on Saturday.

He added that Malaysians who used internet services on social networking sites should be careful with what they see and hear.

“We must be strong in our believes and culture because the identity and image of our country depends on us.

“They are just selling Facebook, Twitter, L-Band and various other services, even through space, as a product but we do not do such business. We accept all this in a state of cultural shock,” he said.

He chided some Malaysians who belittled those who were no savvy of the Facebook and Twitter culture.

“We should not be quick to condemn or look down on those who do not use Facebook. Newspapers are still relevant, so is Facebook, but do not be carried away with everything and disregard the old system,” he said.

Rais also praised the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (SKMM) for its success in tracking down a student from the National Arts Culture and Heritage Academy for posting a public safety threatening comment on Facebook about the recent spate of attacks on churches while discussing the ongoing “Allah” controversy on the popular social networking website.

“Syabas to the commission for its action in nailing those who used Facebook, Twitter and SMS for the wrong reasons.

“As a former analyst of the law in the country, I wish to advise the people that they cannot escape from the law for their actions,” he said.

Rais said the Information Department had also found that 62% of Malaysians understood the 1Malaysia concept.

He added that the Government would initiate more programmes featuring the 1Malaysia concept, especially for students. – BERNAMA

Huh!!! what the f to write about?

Excuse me…am I missing something here? What the F**&&^ is there to write about for the whole world to see? I see Muslims here Fuking like no tomorrow and drinking like fish.

Oh wait-she is just trying to make money like any other attention whores!!


Part-time model Kartika wants to write about her life

KUALA LUMPUR: Kartika Sari Dewi Shukarno, who has been sentenced to six strokes of rotan by the Kuantan Syariah Court for drinking beer, is planning to write a book about the trials of tribulations of her life.

Kartika, 33, started penning her thoughts in August last year, the day the religious authorities took her in a van from her house in Perak to the Kajang Prison in Selangor to carry out the sentence.

“Although the van later made a u-turn back to my home as the authorities have decided to postpone the caning, the experience and anticipation have left such a huge impact that I decided to pen down my thoughts.

“I jotted down what I was feeling while I was still inside the van. When I was sent home that day, I suddenly felt the urge to perform Umrah in Mecca.

“In Mecca, I will pray to Allah to give me strength and courage to pick up the pieces and carry on with my life,” said Kartika just before breaking down in tears.

Sources close to Kartika said she had lost her job because of the court case, and that she was now in the process of divorcing her Singaporean husband as the long wait for the sentencing had taken a toll on their long distance relationship.

The Syariah High Court had on July 20 last year ordered the mother of two to be caned six strokes and fined RM5,000 after being caught drinking at a hotel in Cherating in 2008.

Although she paid the fine, the sentencing has yet to be carried out.

Kartika, who had earlier received a 14-day umrah package from Gemilang Travel and Tours in conjunction with the opening of its new office in Ara Ampang commercial complex, said she would write about her life experiences as a lesson for the younger generation.

Kartika said she hoped to perform Umrah in March after her divorce was finalised, adding however that she was still hopeful for a reconciliation with her estranged husband.

“Right now, I need peace of mind. I hope to find it in Mecca,” she said.

Church attacks may hurt tourism

What the F*&&^ is going on????!!


RAUB: The Tourism Ministry fears that attempts of arson on several churches in the country may threaten the tourism industry’s growth.

Its minister Datuk Seri Dr Ng Yen Yen said the religious tension could cause fear among foreign tourists of visiting Malaysia, hence affecting its economy.

“This is the communication era, so information travels fast…tourists will choose not to visit a country faced with conflicts, especially religious conflicts,” she told reporters after officiating at a Christmas and New Year celebration attended by about 150 Christians, here, Sunday.

Dr Ng said the church attacks were sending the wrong message to foreign tourists when Malaysia was always touted as a harmonious country despite its multiracial and multireligious society.

However, she said, the ministry had not received information on the effects of the incidents on tourist arrivals in Malaysia.

“We are monitoring the developments through our offices overseas.”

Dr Ng who condemned the church attacks said the people should not be influenced by the actions of a few who were out to create chaos in the country.

She said the Barisan Nasional government, which at all times wanted to safeguard peace and religious freedom in this country, would ensure the individuals involved would face appropriate action.

So far, seven churches with the latest in Miri, Sarawak as well as the church and guard post at Sekolah Menengah Convent in Taiping, Perak have been targeted. – Bernama