Do NOT Vote for UMNO aka Barisan National -Corruption

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Raja Petra says …

If you love this country you should help circulate this mail to all your friends who are MIC and MCA members, if they are not too busy enriching their own pockets and make future generation of their children, their grand children and their great grand children suffer. For 50 years the Chinese have given their vote to MCA and for 50 years MCA have passed their vote to the Malays, yes Malays in UMNO for a little self benefit. MCA members have no balls to speak for the Chinese and yes MCA in Johor who have NO Balls to speak against UMNO. Where do you think the Malays come from? Indonesia…. lah and what ever happened to the great Chinese Warriors from Yunan that saved these Malays from Siamese attack called Hang Tuah, Hang Jebat and princess Hang Li Po??, They have disappeared from our children’s history books that we used to read in our school days (ungrateful UMNO).

Only Raja Petra will speak for the Chinese and the Indians.

Raja Petra says, ‘ Justice My Ass !! ‘

Here’s ANOTHER Reason NON-Malays Should NOT Vote UMNO in Any Future General Election and Bye-Election

Read here from M’sians Unplugged …..

Average Non-Malay Malaysians and NON-Malay Bumiputras have LITTLE future for their children and their grandchildren IF they still vote Barisan Nasional which allows UMNO to remain in Government – it was before, it is today, and it will be tomorrow.

Excerpts from article by Raja Petra Kamarudin

Raja Petra Kamarudin

‘Last month, Umno Johor said that the greatest mistake they made was in giving the non-Malay immigrants citizenship in August 1957. Now that they have been given citizenship they show their ingratitude by voting for the opposition.

Yes, non-Malays, even those born in Malaysia , are immigrants. And, being immigrants, they must vote Barisan Nasional. And if they do not vote for Barisan Nasional then they are ungrateful..

Yes, voting is your right. This is your right according to the Federal Constitution of Malaysia. Malays can vote for whomsoever they would like to vote for because the Constitution allows them to do so. Malays, therefore, can vote for the opposition.
But, if you are non-Malay, then you must vote for Barisan Nasional because you are an immigrant. If you vote for the opposition then you are a traitor, you are ungrateful, and it was a great mistake giving you citizenship in 1957.

Mahathir’s father was born in INDIA. But Mahathir (Mamak) can vote opposition. He can even oppose Umno like he is doing so now. In fact, he can even become the Prime Minister. He is not an ungrateful immigrant who should be sent back to India .
Tian Chua, however, can’t oppose Umno. Tian Chua, whose family settled in Malaya long before the Portuguese came in 1511, is an immigrant. And if he is not happy and if he opposes Umno then he should go back to China .
And Umno Johor regrets giving Tian Chua citizenship in 1957 but does not regret giving Mahathir (Mamak) citizenship.

Why? Because Mahathir (Mamak) is Muslim while Tian Chua is not.
But if Tian Chua circumcises and takes on the Muslim name of Musa Bin Susah and marries a Malay woman, then he need not go back to China and Umno does not regret giving him citizenship in 1957.

The Malays have a very warped view of justice. Malays practise two standards of justice.
There is one standard for the Malays and another for the non-Malays.

And 90% of the tax is paid by the NON-Malays and 10% by the Malays, says Mahathir (Mamak).
But 10% of the scholarships must go to the NON-Malays and 90% to the Malays.

And when they propose to change this to 40% for the non-Malays and 60% for the Malays, the Malays raise a hue and cry.
And they call this justice. And they say Islam is about justice.’!


The 1Malaysia concept is such a freaking BOGUS BS…

Under Hudud Law, the punishment for theft is chopping off the hands…

You will surely see many ‘handless’ in Malaysia then!KNN CCB

Letter well written by a Malaysian Chinese working abroad now.

Dear friends,
On my way to London yesterday, I finished 3/4 of the book on the Maverick, my conclusion long before reading this book was; all of us , Malaysians ( my ancestors came from China to Malaysia more than 150 yrs ago) have been divided (or screwed) by all these greedy and heartless politicians, whether they are from UMNO, MCA, Gerakan or MIC, and they are all the same. The wealth in the country should be shared by all of us, but UMNO started NEP, AP, MARA, etc etc to split us in the name of wealth distribution.

But after 40 years since May 13 1969, what have we achieved?

The govt still think that all the targets set under NEP have not been achieved? How could these be possible if at least 30% of PLC shares must be allocated to bumiputras, Non-bumis not allowed to get APs, open new petrol stations, scholarships, all govt contracts must have Bumis equity, certain sectors of the businesses were not opened to non- bumis until the recent years but still tightly controlled, and Bumi controlled companies so as GLCs don’t have to hire non-bumis.

So how could the nation be united, progress or the lastest favour of the day, 1Malaysia be successful if meritorcracy is not relevant in practice? And each day we become more suspicious of each other’s co-existence.

When I decided to move my family abroad and take up the CEO job managing a small MNC with revenue of USD2b and 20k employees in 4 countries, my UMNO and MCA friends said to me; how could you abandon your country and work in Spore? I told them to find me a GLC position and I don’t mind a loss making one for me to turnaround.. A couple of them told me, they would look into it. More than 5 yrs had since passed, I received no reply, except every time when I met them, they would say, when are you coming back?

Pete and Jalil know me very well. For the rest to know, I am now managing China’s second largest fridge and freezer maker with more 3m units sales a year, China’s largest diesel engine producer with closed to 500K diesel engines sold this year, plus the largest building materials supplier in Spore. Under me, one co is listed in NY, one in KLSE and three in Spore. Am I not qualified to manage a GLC?

Don’t get me wrong that I need a job, but to move abroad after 46 years, was quite a painful experience!

I would love to return to my home land, share my experiences and contribute my knowledge to the development of the country. But with all these greedy politicians (P) fighting for positions (P), leading them to power (P) and finally the big P – PROFIT; why should they place the rakyat’s interests above theirs? Look at the mess in MCA, and the 6 Indian parties fighting to exist, and investment for a seat in the UMNO supreme council. It is all about the big P, not the Malaysians.

How many of the current ministers are qualified or fit to manage a ministry? Managing a ministry is very similar to managing a business which involves in managing various resources, especially the huge financial resources allocated to the ministry for the benefits ( security and safety, environment, less toll, education) of the people who paid taxes ( in business is ROSF or dividend paid to the investors), for the poor to improve their livings, for national development on infrastructure to create future values hence sustainability. But hardly any of them has any clue on what Human Resources or Financial Management are all about. They are too occupied with cutting ribbons, party meetings, overseas trips, identify contracts for pockets (the big P).

All these started with the Maverick’s 22 years in power. 1n 1986 I started with a salary of RM2400 working in a bank, bought a Nissan Sunny for 13k, and 4 years later bought a double storey terrace house in PJ for 120k. I sold the house in 1997 for 350k ( now probably worth 450k), and a 1300cc car easily costs 30K or more now, but today new graduates still get their starting pay of RM2000. What went wrong in our country?

As a Malaysian of Chinese origin, let me share with our fellow Malaysians : We are no threat to this country, economically or politically. We are the minorities, we don’t inspire to govern the country, even if the opposition wins the next election, the Prime Minister will still be a Malay. MCA is not relevant to us anymore. What have they done to protect us? So don’t listen to all the Politicians especially the maverick, that the Chinese are trying to grab power. Is this possible? We want a fair govt to treat us as Malaysians, and play no racial politics to divide all of US.

Look at the Airports and certain government buidlings, we have signages in Arabic and Japanese, but not in Chinese or Tamil. If you look at Renminbi (Chinese currency), there are 6 different languages printed on the notes to represent the 6 major races in China, although the Hans ( most the Malaysians Chinese are Han origins) easily constitute 90pc of Chinese population. Minorities are not respected in our homeland. In China, the one child policy is mandatory for the Hans, not the other minorities.

After 52 long years, it is time we give another political party a chance to govern. If we don’t change, there is Malaysia, but there will be no Malaysians! For our Children, our future, think about it.
Thank you for your time.

Dump those BN parties… that’s all I can say. For the sake of all Malaysian, for good or for worse, we need to have a new set of ruling government. That is what had happened in Taiwan, Japan and Philippines. WE HAVE BEEN FOOLED FOR OVER 50 YEARS BY THE BN. KEEP THEM THERE, AND WE ARE JUST FILLING UP THEIR XXXXXXL SIZE POCKETS.

With Warmest Regards,


Epgyt, Najib and camel husbandry

Yeaa—the taxpayers money…thank you very much– and all of them studying Islamic Studies.
Do I see any Chinese?


This is a funny blog and I salute him. I hope ISA does not shutdown his site.

Epgyt, Najib and camel husbandry

First, I would like to congratulate the PM Najib and the government and everyone else (MAS, AirAsia, etc) for speedily getting over 10,000 Malaysians (mostly students) out of the violence-riddled Egypt. The PM did the right and did it well. It is not easy to get so many people out of a riot-hit country so far away – hence this is definitely a remarkable logistical feat. Well done everyone. Read the story here.

Second, I for all the monkey in me, CANNOT understand why are so many Malaysians studying in Egypt, many of them government sponsored. Egypt does not have good universities. Not a single university in Egypt in listed in the global top 100 universities. Not even in global top 200 universities. I think University of Cairo is ranked in the 450 -500 category. I have never read anywhere or heard anyone mentioning any scientific and technical fields that Egypt is good at. Why are we sponsoring so many Malaysian students to go and study in Egypt ? [if you really want good universities outside Malaysia, there are plenty in SIngapore]

I know the Al-Azhar university is in Egypt which is well-regarded by some Malaysians (but it is not in any top-500 list) but surely 10,000 Malaysians cannot be studying there. Even if they did, what jobs are they going find when they come back home to Malaysia. (BTW, please read what Syed Akbar Ali has to say about Al Azhar and Egyptian universities here)

So, I have been thinking and thinking and thinking – what are all these Malaysian students in Egypt studying ? And, I have come to the following conclusions :

B. Sc (Sand Mining) – since Egypt is in a desert and has plenty of sand, sand mining must a pretty popular course. Students graduating with a B.Sc. (Sand mining) can find plenty of jobs in Malaysia because we are also fond of sand mining especially if the licence is given to a crony company. And we mess up our rivers and beaches in the process of sand mining.

B.Sc (Embalming) – Egypt has plenty of mummies and I guess their embalming technology must be rather advanced. So Malaysian students who come back home with a B.S. (Embalming) have no problems getting jobs at mortuaries and funeral houses. Good career choice.

B.Sc (Pyramid marketing) – The Egyptians must surely know a lot about the get-rich-quick pyramid marketing. After all their fore fathers built the pyramids. Malaysians graduating with a B.Sc (Pyramid Marketting) can be assured of lucrative jobs in Malaysia because we also have many fly-by-nite, get-rich-quick-then-bankrupt-quicker schemes.

B.Sc (Camel Husbandry) – Egypt has many camels – so I guess their universities surely must offer graduate courses in camel rearing, may be even at the PhD level. So I am thinking that many Malaysians are going to come home with PhDs in camel husbandry and all our political parties are waiting to recruit these Dr Untas.

I am sure there are many other equally interesting subjects that are taught in Egyptian universities – that some of you may know of. Feel free to share.

Monyet King says
A double PhD in camel husbandry and cactus farming sound exciting. Anyone interested ? Planet of the Monyets will partially sponsor you.

Posted by Monyet King at 9:14 PM
Labels: education, Egypt, humor

Cat-in-Sydney said…

You forgot. Egypt is where the aedes mosquito and locusts come from. So, we’ll have experts in dengue fever treatment and locust related matters. Didn’t some of the ancient pharaohs died of malaria? Hey….good spot to study tropical disease, I tell you. Come on, don’t look down on other people’s country. purrrr….meow!

In ancient Egypt, I’d be worshipped as a Goddess,
February 6, 2011 10:47 PM
Anonymous said…

B.Sc (Monkey Watching) – there’s plenty to watch in parliament.
February 6, 2011 11:26 PM
felicia said…

maybe some learn about politics & governing from Hosni….so that they can put these ‘ideas’ into practice when they come back and join PERKAKAS? (yes, i too was surprised to know that SO MANY Malaysians were stranded in Egypt)
February 7, 2011 8:27 AM
semuanya OK kot said…

Malaysian tourists – not being “adopted children” of the gomen – got no help. Some may still be trapped there. The attitude is the same as that of the Indonesian and Bangladesh embassies here.

This attitude to citizens reminds me of the dictator of Uzbekistan. When the Great Terrorist Empire wanted “al Qaeda” prisoners, he obliged by sending some of his own political opponents.
February 7, 2011 12:37 PM
Monyet King said…

1. Cat
Oh yes.. I forgot about the dreaded diseases and also the swarm of evil locusts that came on the Mummy movie.
In ancient Egypt, they worshipped you. But if you go there now, they will probably eat you alive.

2. Anon 11:26 PM
LOL… but who is watching who ?

3. felicia
You could how that fella survied at the top for 30 years

4. SOK
I also read in the papers about the Malaysian tourist complaining that he got no help. Iguess they were focussing too much on the students and forgot all the other Malaysians.
February 7, 2011 1:40 PM
Kuching Guy said…

Embalming is a great major at Egypt University . Just look at 81 years old Mubarak ;so well preserved.
May be the very least they can learn how to throw out our corrupted politician in Sarawak.
Pyramid studies come in handy when they start to sell Amway to each other around Kampug.

Anti-Taib protests in Ottawa and London

Anti-Taib protests in Ottawa and London, 28 February 2011
Thanks to

Anti-Taib protests in Ottawa and London, 28 February 2011

By Bruno Manser Fonds

OTTAWA (CANADA) / LONDON (UK). Human rights and environmental campaigners from Malaysia, Canada, the United Kingdom and Switzerland have today protested against corruption in front of property companies associated with the family of Abdul Taib Mahmud (“Taib”), the Chief Minister of the Malaysian state of Sarawak. The protests took place in front of Sakto Corporation in Ottawa and Ridgeford Properties Ltd in central London.

The Canadian and British governments are being asked to freeze the assets of nine Taib-associated companies in Canada and two companies in the UK which are estimated to be worth hundreds of millions of US dollars.

Canada, UK governments asked to freeze Taib assets

Protesters in front of Jamilah Taib’s house at 688 Manor Avenue, Rockcliffe, Canada, the second most expensive private home in the Ottawa region. Jamilah is the daughter of the Sarawak Chief Minister, Abdul Taib Mahmud, and a major shareholder of Cahuya Mata Sarawak (CMS), the Malaysian state’s largest private company. CMS is being regularly awarded huge government construction contracts wihtout public tender. The company has also a 15-year contract for road maintenance of all of the state’s public roads.

Protesters in front of the Adobe Tower at Sakto’s Preston Square development in Ottawa. Suite 910, 333 Preston Street is the administrative centre of Taib-linked property companies in the UK, Canada, Australia and the US. The company is being chaired by Jamilah Taib’s husband, Sean Murray, (Abdul Taib Mahmud’s son-in-law) who sits on the board of various Taib companies.

Protestors at Preston Square, Ottawa, Canada, the headquarters of Sakto corporation. Sakto was founded in 1983 by Onn Mahmud, the brother of Sarawak Chief Minister Abdul Taib Mahmud. Onn Mahmud’s Malaysian company, Achi Jaya holdings, holds a monopoly over all timber exports from Sarawak. In 2007, Tokyo tax authorities found out that Onn Mahmud had set up a kickbacks scheme operating through Hong Kong. All Japanese shipping companies who wanted to export timber from Sarawak to Japan had to pay kickbacks to Onn Mahmud’s Hong Kong agent.

Protestors in front of Ridgeford Properties Ltd at 10 Weymouth Street in central London. Ridgeford Properties is a wholly-owned subisiary of the Canadian Citygate International Ltd which is being directed by Jamilah Taib and her Canadian husband, Sean Murray.

Protesters in front of Ridgeford Properties Ltd at 10 Weymouth St, London. In the centre, you can recognize “Papa Orang Utan” (Peter John Jaban), the DJ of Sarawak’s independent radio station, Radio Free Sarawak.

The Canadian companies blacklisted by the Swiss Bruno Manser Fund as being associated with the Taib family are Adelaide Ottawa Corporation (Business number 2028546); City Gate International Corporation (446027-8); Glowell Development Corporation (1545868); Preston Building Holding Corporation (2108122), Sakto Development Corporation Pte. Ltd. (155207-4), Sakto Corporation (340439-1), Sakto Management Services Corporation (655948-4), Tower One Holding Corporation (2028542), Tower Two Holding Corporation (2018543). The British companies named on the Taib family assets blacklist are Ridgeford Properties Ltd (3268801) and Ridgeford Consulting Ltd (5572163). Ridgeford Properties Ltd is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Canadian City Gate International Corporation.

The Bruno Manser Fund also disclosed that it had lodged a detailed complaint with Jeanne M. Flemming, Director of Canada’s Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre (FINTRAC), in June 2010 already. Hitherto, FINTRAC has left the complaint unanswered. Earlier this week, the Bruno Manser Fund criticized the Canadian authorities for their close business ties with Taib-family companies. No less than eleven Ontario Government Ministries are occupying offices at Sakto’s Preston Square Tower III in Ottawa.

Abdul Taib Mahmud has been Chief Minister, Finance Minister and State Planning and Resources Minister of the Malaysian state of Sarawak since 1981. He has abused his political power in a spectacular way for personal gains and has managed to turn the resource-rich state of Sarawak on Borneo into his own private estate. Taib has been particularly criticized for the destructive logging of hundreds of thousands of hectares of tropical rainforest and for the marginalization of the state’s indigenous communities. Taib’s fortune is estimated to be worth several billion US dollars.

The black list of Taib’s secret foreign assets

The following companies are, or have been, closely linked to the family of Abdul Taib Mahmud (“Taib”), who has been Chief Minister of Sarawak, Malaysia, since 1981.

Taib’s ill-gotten foreign and domestic assets are estimated to be worth hundreds of millions, if not billions, of US dollars.

The Bruno Manser Fund and thousands of supporters around the globe are urging the authorities of the below-mentioned countries to investigate the financial transactions of the black-listed companies under their respective anti-corruption and anti-money-laundering legislations and to freeze all Taib family assets for later restitution to the people of Sarawak.

Australia: Australian Universities International Alumni Convention Pty Ltd (ACN: 081942903); Donmastry Pty Ltd (ACN: 093 907 843); Geneid Holdings Pty Ltd (ACN: 087759751); Golborne Pty Ltd. (ACN: 061844148); Golden Sovereign Development Ltd (ACN 103 925 613); Kesuma Holdings Pty Ltd. (ACN 105540636); Newtop Holdings Pty Ltd (ACN: 066588225); Ostgro Australia Pty Ltd (ACN: 094721070); Sitehost Pty Ltd (ACN: 062312743); Valentine on George Pty Ltd (ACN: 105541562)

British Virgin Islands: Astar Properties Ltd. (201522); CMS Global (BVI) Ltd.; Tess Investments Ltd (203511)

Canada: Adelaide Ottawa Corporation (2028546); City Gate International Corporation (446027-8); Glowell Development Corporation (1545868); Preston Building Holding Corporation (2108122), Sakto Development Corporation Pte. Ltd. (155207-4), Sakto Corporation (340439-1), Sakto Management Services Corporation (655948-4), Tower One Holding Corporation (2028542), Tower Two Holding Corporation (2018543)

Hong Kong: Grand Shine Trading Ltd (0127665); Grand Will Ltd (0133932); Herolite Investment Ltd (129119); Natalite Investment Ltd (129502); Regent Star Company Ltd (0130318); Richfold Investment Ltd (0130308); Whittaker Company Ltd (0161304)

Jersey: Sogo Holdings Ltd (43148)

Malaysia: Achi Jaya Holdings Sdn Bhd; Borsarmulu Resort Sdn Bhd (213014-M); Cahya Mata Sarawak Sdn Bhd (21076-T); K&N Kenanga Holdings Bhd; Kumpulan Parabena Sdn Bhd; Mesti Bersatu Sdn Bhd (758849-V); Naim Holdings Berhad (585467-M); Sanyan Group; Sarawak Aluminium Company (783974-K); Sarawak Energy Bhd.; Ta Ann Group; Titanium Management Sdn Bhd; UBG Berhad (240931-X)

United Kingdom: Ridgeford Consulting Ltd (5572163); Ridgeford Properties Ltd (3268801)

USA: Sakti International Corporation Inc.; Wallysons Inc (the owner of the FBI building in Seattle!); W.A. Boylston Inc; W.A.Everett Inc.

This list has been established on 21 February 2011 and will be regularly updated.

For more information, please consult our campaign site

Set as favorite

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written by taxpayer, March 01, 2011 12:07:24

Surprising that the World considers Taib as a corrupted criminal but to the BN govt. he is a ‘honourable ‘ CM ! ! It must be a case of BIRDS OF THE SAME FEATHER [CORRUPT CRIMINALS ] FLOCK TOGETHER ? ? It is a shame that we , the Malaysians are quiet about the rampant misuse of power , by the BN thieves . Is it an idication that the Malaysians have no guts and expect others to fight our ‘battles ‘ ? SAD ! !

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written by educationist, March 01, 2011 10:59:36

This is a welcomed development.
Wasn’t it last yaer, that a prestigous UK varsity honoured this corrupt timber baron?
The natives of sarawak have been dispossessed and they have no voice in our country’s political sphere!!
So, BMF, TQ for giving them a voice in the international arena!!
Let’s hope this will give them some semblance of justice!!

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Malaysia’s wealthiest–Datuk Goh is the Richest!!!

DatukGoh is worth than any one of them and more than the total combine of all of them and best of all- I am young and handsome!!!

Kuok and Ananda continue to be cream of Malaysia’s wealthiest

KUALA LUMPUR: The 40 wealthiest Malaysians are worth US$62.1bil (RM188.32bil), up by US$11.1bil (RM33.7bil) compared with last year, according to the latest rich list published by Forbes Asia.

In a statement yesterday, Forbes Asia said the combined wealth was almost 22% more than the list in 2010.

“The better coffers come on the back of the country’s healthy economy which grew 7.2% last year, the highest rate since 2000,” it said.

The first two spots were still occupied by Tan Sri Robert Kuok Hock Nien and Tan Sri T. Ananda Krishnan, respectively.

Kuok, 87, has held pole position since 2006 when Forbes Asia began ranking the 40 richest Malaysians.

He was worth US$12.5bil (RM38bil), up by half a billion from last year.

His biggest source of wealth was his stake in Wilmar International, the world’s largest listed palm oil company.

Ananda, 72, was at No 2 with US$9.5bil (RM28.83bil), up from US$8.1bil (RM24.6bil) last year.

His Maxis Communications Bhd is Malaysia’s biggest cellphone service provider.

At No 3 is this year’s biggest gainer in dollar terms, Puan Sri Lee Kim Hua.

The 81-year-old, widow of casino magnate Tan Sri Lim Goh Tong, was one of three women on the list this year.

Her Genting shares took off when the company’s Singapore operations on Sentosa Island opened, boosting the family’s net worth by US$2.7bil (RM8.2bil) to US$6.6bil (RM20.03bil) from a year ago.

Tan Sri Lee Shin Cheng, who built IOI Group into one of the world’s biggest palm oil producers, fell down a spot at No 4 with a net worth of $5bil (RM15.2bil), up by US$400mil (RM1.21bil) from last year.

AirAsia Bhd’s Datuk Seri Tony Fernandes, budget airline pioneer and Forbes Asia’s 2010 Businessman of the Year, was ranked No 20 this year, down one spot from last year despite his wealth increasing to US$470mil (RM1.43bil) from US$330mil (RM1bil) last year.

The only newcomer this year was Chia Song Kun at No 24 with US$400mil (RM1.21bil).

The share price of his QL Resources Bhd, the seafood, egg production and palm oil company, has doubled since last year.

Datuk Tony Tiah Thee Kian at No 35 was the only returnee to the list after a year’s absence as stocks in his TA Enterprise Bhd have recovered. He was worth US$170mil (RM516mil).

Not all did well, however, as there were three this year who saw their wealth reduced, led by Tan Sri Vincent Tan at No 9.

The self-made entrepreneur, who runs Berjaya Group, saw his wealth decline to US$1.25bil (RM3.8bil) from US$1.6bil (RM4.9bil) last year.

Timber tycoon Tan Sri Tiong Hiew King was the only person who did not see any changes to his wealth. He was still worth US$1.2bil (RM3.64bil) and ranked No 10.

Why Malysians are so freaking STUPID aks Bodoh!!

Why invest in damn license plate….get the money and invest in Domains like I do..I own,, and earn more money and only costs $7USD per year.

Fuking Bodoh Malaysia

Even chinese in China are investing in Domains now!!!

Motorists go the extra mile for the number plate of their choice

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysian motorists may be reluctant to pay their summonses but they will splurge a mind-boggling RM150mil every year for the number plate of their choice.

Records from the Road Transport Department showed that the highest bid was RM300,100 – for the number plate MCA 1 two months ago. The same bidder, Asset Nusa Sdn Bhd, also spent RM101,000 to acquire MCA 2.

The bid overtook the RM242,000 for TAY 1 last year. Prior to that, the record was held by a businessman who reportedly paid RM200,900 for TAN 1.

The JPJ website has listed out the bidders and amounts paid for the MCA 1 to MCA 9999 plates for vehicles registered in Malacca.

Among them were Noraini Abdul Ghapor, who spent more than RM19,000 on two numbers (RM14,444 for MCA 4 and RM4,888 for MCA 7777), and Tan Lay Kang, who forked out RM42,000 for three numbers (RM15,400 for MCA 8888, and RM13,300 each for MCA 3333 and MCA 9999).

Another is MCA 1949, purchased by the MCA for RM2,200 to symbolise the year the party was founded.

Duyong state assemblyman Gan Tian Loo from Malacca spent RM28,600 on MCA 5.

But it isn’t just the auspicious numbers that get the people’s attention.

A news report in 2004 noted that the plate TAH1 was bought for RM14,300 by someone who must have had a sense of humour.

Also, someone posted on a web forum several years ago that the most beautiful number plate he had seen was BBB 888 as it was designed like a piece of art.

Former Penang DAP strongman Gooi Hock Seng went around with MR 6001 to reflect his surname.

Some motorists are willing to hold off the purchase of their vehicles until they get the right number plate.

T. Manuel, who bid for 1988, said: “I waited a while and finally got it for only RM300.”

Another motorist, M. Phylis Mann, said she paid RM200 for the number 1798, which she said signified long-term prosperity.

In the past, JPJ had also released special licence plates for major events such as the 1998 Commonwealth Games and meetings of Asean and the Organisation of Islamic Conference.

“I will not be surprised if we get huge bids for plates starting with WWW – the acronym for the World Wide Web,” Transport Minister Datuk Seri Kong Cho Ha said.

Another possible popular choice would be the Selangor plate carrying the letters BMW.

The JPJ has earned significant revenue from tenders of special numbers, which is its third highest source of revenue after the renewal of road tax and driving licences.

Currently there are 21,250,145 registered vehicles on the road.

Spammed by the Prime Minister!

To: Aust – Paul Goh Melbourne ; BEC – Rita Yeoh ; BEC – Rita Yeoh ; Dr. Hwang Ipoh ; Dr. Vincent Ng ; Friends – Albert Chong from BEC ; Friends – Bernard Yong ; Friends – Cheng Ning Bing ; Friends – Eddy Chong ; Friends – Frankie Low ; “Friends – Henry @ Farri” ; Friends – Jimmy Tiow ; Friends – Lai Chak Ming ; Friends – Uncle Millian ; SGI – Al Teoh Teik Sun ; SGI – Chuah Chong Chaw ; SGI – Kuah Tee San ; SGI – Major Rajah Krishnan ; SGI – Teoh Teik San ; SGI – Vincent Soo ; Dr. JayaMatthew ; Dr. VanajaMsava ; Dr. Vellayan ; Dr. Victor Paul ; Friends – Ravichandran ; Ind – Amarjit Ruba ; Ind – Anbarasu renganathan ; Ind – Anblagan ; Ind – Caroljit kaur ; “Ind –” ; Ind – Dominic Silva ; Ind – Ganesan Mani ; Ind – Hari Menon ; Ind – Mahesh ; Ind – Marik Singh ; Ind – Pannirselvam arumugam ; Ind – Prem vasuthevan ; Ind – Rita Kumar ; Ind – SivasupramaniumJph ; Ind – VAsANTHA ; Ind – VENAGADASAMY APPALASAMY ; Ind – Vickraman ; Friends – Cheah Sin ; Q – Lim Choo Hock ; Q – Lim Choo Hock ; SGI – Abdullah Ong Hean Chye ; SGI – Capt Low Seng Joo ; SGI – Chan Chong Meng ; SGI – Cheah Nam Tim ; SGI – Chong Gin Ooi ; SGI – Chuah Chong Chaw ; SGI – Dr Goh Chooi Beow ; SGI – Dragonhead ; SGI – Eddy Kok Sang Chong ; SGI – Ho Boon Eng ; SGI – Lai Si Meng ; SGI – Lee Gan Tan ; SGI – Lee Soon Eng ; SGI – Melvin Loh ; SGI – Nah Kiat Gee ; SGI – Ng Hock Sing ; SGI – Paul Ooi Keat Ho ; SGI – Richard Teoh ; SGI – Sree Pathmanathan ; SGI – Tan Chee You ; SGI – Thomas Zachariah ; SGI – Toh Hock Thiam
Sent: Saturday, February 19, 2011 3:04 AM
Subject: Spammed by the Prime Minister!

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Date: Sat, Feb 19, 2011 at 2:04 PM
Subject: Spammed by the Prime Minister!

Spammed by the Prime Minister!

> Read the following article by the highly regarded Kee Thuan Chye, comment on it (show it here at the end of the article) and CIRCULATE to show our disdain and contempt for the PM for hijacking our email addresses and our privacy
> by Kee Thuan Chye
> NO less than the Prime Minister has just spammed me! In an email wishing me Happy Chinese New Year. I’m not pleased. In fact, when I got the email, I freaked out. How did he get my address? I take strong umbrage against whoever gave it to him. It is an invasion of my privacy.
> Najib (or rather, his assistants) reportedly sent out that email to 1.5 million people. The Star reported that many were happy to get it – in a report quoting only three people. And two of them had Muslim-sounding names! From the tweets I’ve seen, it seems many Muslims have been getting the email too. Some tweeters considered the greeting “insincere”, some suggested reporting the matter to Cyber 999 and even the police.
> Many questioned how Najib or his assistants got their e-mail addresses. There’s a theory going round that it came from the database of a media conglomerate. If this is true, the practice is, of course, not right. It contravenes the cyberworld law of data privacy. Whoever gave the data to him showed that they did not respect that privacy.
> My wife got a CNY greeting from Najib too – via an SMS. Did her telco give her number to Najib and Co? Is that a proper thing to do? This episode shows that the personal details of Malaysians are not safe from prying and abuse. And that Big Brother is watching. That’s a scary prospect.
> Najib’s greeting is yet another of the public relations campaigns he has been mounting for more than a year now. Those who are aware realize they are nothing more than efforts to win votes for the next general election, but there are plenty of others who are not so clued-in.
> This Chinese New Year campaign seems to have had an effect, especially on fence-sitters. Some of them said they were touched. They seemed swayed into believing that the PM cared enough to send them the greeting. This is not surprising, because gullible Malaysians often fall for cheap tricks all too easily. The number who have fallen victim to internet scams must be substantial. As a politician of long experience, Najib must surely know that.
> More public relations at work can be seen in the awarding of datukships in conjunction with Federal Territory Day. The number of Indians being awarded this year is relatively high. Seen in relation to Barisan Nasional’s bid to sustain its regaining of the Indian vote, this is to be expected.
> Among the awardees, also expected, is K Rajagopal, the national football coach who recently guided his team to winning the small-time AFF Suzuki Cup. I’ve written before that his achievement in that competition is not something worthy of a datukship, but we all know that football ranks high in the popular Malaysian imagination, so not only has Rajagopal been made a datuk; also awarded is former football ace Santokh Singh.
> Najib’s own special assistant, Ravindren Chelliah Ponniah, also gets to be a datuk. So do a couple of other Singhs. And guess who else? R Thanenthiran, president of Parti Makkal Sakthi Malaysia. For what? For forsaking Hindraf and crossing to the other side?
> What about the Datuk Seri title for the president of the People’s Progressive Party (PPP), M Kayveas? What has Kayveas done of late to deserve this higher award? That’s how the next general election is going to be won – by public relations. Of which BN being in government has plenty of resources to invest in.
> Similarly, it has the resources to hijack Pakatan Rakyat’s recently announced pledge to abolish toll on all highways within 100 days of coming to power. A few days ago, Najib declared – in perfect time for the Tenang by-election – that the toll for the Salak to Taman Connaught stretch on the East-West Link Expressway would be abolished by May. He also announced that the toll for two other expressways would not be increased for the next five years. According to him, no compensation would be paid to the highway concessionaires, implying that it would not cost taxpayers anything.
> Whether this is true remains to be seen. An engineer of long experience in the relevant industry that I spoke to is very skeptical about it. He feels that there will be other ways of compensation made to the concessionaires that will ultimately involve payment by the rakyat.
> Last December, when Pakatan Rakyat announced its pledge to abolish tolls, Najib pooh-poohed it and said it was irresponsible. But now he’s going for it himself. He has even hinted that there will be more good news on the same subject soon. I suspect he will make the North-South Expressway toll-free. He might announce this on the eve of the next general election and make a major score from it. If that happens, you can bet that the taxpayer will not be able to avoid compensating the concessionaires in one way or another. Regardless of what Najib might say then to the contrary.
> We have to be circumspect. We have to learn not to be so easily fooled. On the surface, a proposition may sound good, but there can be hidden drawbacks underlying it which of course will be kept secret at the time of announcement. We have also to be aware that all these public relations efforts made by Najib are intended for one main purpose. Apart from that, they also distract public attention from the questionable goings-on.
> Only last week, it was revealed that there is now a new department in the Prime Minister’s Office called FLOM – for First Lady of Malaysia – manned by a staff of six. And it looks after the operational needs of Najib’s wife, Rosmah Mansor. Never in our history has there ever been such a department. It reeks of nepotism and other things besides. Why should the PM’s wife have a department all to herself? Are there institutionalized provisions for such a thing? Who is paying for the upkeep of this department? We need to snap out of our distracted state and pressure Najib to justify the setting-up of FLOM. Let’s see how his public relations advisers will respond to that. For CNY, they came up with spam; for FLOM, will they come up with flam?
> Just for fun, here are two Urban Dictionary definitions of “flom” – 1) To untie someone’s shoe lace while they aren’t looking, so they get pissed off and have to retie it (e.g. “Hey, stop it! This is the fifth time you’ve flommed me!”); 2) to do something sexual to someone of the opposite sex.
> Either way you look at it, it sounds naughty!
> This PM fella is really desperate, bending so low just to gain a few miserable brownie points. I did not receive an email, but I did get an SMS. No matter, I am still pissed off. The man with the highest position in the land, stooping so low – stealing my sacred privy info and pretending to send me CNY greetings – just to get my vote? No way.
> I view his actions as despicable, disgusting, deplorable, disdainful and desperate.

Food inflation: Please store up more food

Folks– this is serious stuff. Due to the cold freeze and the stinkin weather all over the world, this has caused catastrophic food production. Bad weather in China and it affects the wheat/rice supply , you can feel the cost of food has gone up.
Here is the story:

In Epik’s 2011 Outlook, we said to expect inflation this year. Well, that did not take long. The headlines these days are full of news of inflation — specifically inflation in the things you need (food, fuel, clothing) and deflation in the things you don’t (a larger house or a new boat). To date, this inflation hit has mostly been observed in producer prices but not in consumer prices. That could well change soon, particularly once excess inventories are liquidated.

In the meantime:

* The supply of things you need is potentially shrinking: I don’t want to sound excessively Malthusian but for the first time in my life, I am sensing that there is a risk risk of widespread famine. The group most at risk is the nominally 1 billion people living on less than $2 a day. However, if the 2011 harvests are as bad as they look like they might be, the pain will quickly expand to those living on $10 a day and quite possibly higher. For calibration, something like 80% of humanity lives on less than $10 a day.

* The Inflation catapult is locked and loaded: Inflation is largely a monetary phenomenon. For inflation to occur, you either need (1) more money chasing the same amount of product, or (2) equal money chasing less product. In the case of food inflation, we may have the worst possible combination: more money chasing less product. The below chart explains perfectly why I think the inflation catapult is primed for blast-off. It awaits a triggering event.

* The Inflation hawks have left the building: Earlier today, there was news that Neil Barofsky is leaving his role as SIGTARP. These are the guys who are accountable for where the TARP bailout money goes. On a related note, Hawkish Fed Governor Kevin Warsh resigned last week. Axel Weber, the similarly hawkish heir apparent to the European Central Bank, also resigned last week. The hawks appear to be leaving the building.

You may not care about the money supply, and may well not know your M1, M2 and M3. Now would be a good time to get up to speed — before the velocity of money returns to trend. It is also a good time to diversify into assets that have finite supply and that have global appeal. Personally, I like premium domain names as an asset class for reasons discussed prior.

The Chinese need to eat too — and with $2.65 Trillion in ForEx reserves they can afford to!
The big macroeconomic development to watch in the coming months is Chinese food inflation. Month over month, the official number is that it is running a TRIPLE DIGIT annualized growth rate. I have an ongoing Skype dialog with a business partner in Fuzhou, China, who has confirmed that rapidly increasing food prices in late 2010 is now accelerating in 2011. Due to ongoing drought, China’s domestic harvest could take a large hit in 2011. However, keep in mind that China also has the world’s largest foreign exchange reserves, now above $2.65 Trillion. In other words, in a global market with free trade, their government should be able to import what they need from willing exporters. Interesting to note though that Russia has banned grained exports in the wake of their own failed harvest.

I goes to follow then that China is the X-Factor in global pricing of food — they would have the greatest need and also the greatest capacity to pay for it. Although drought conditions are not new in China, 2011 is looking particularly severe. This is the first time that I can recall when the world’s most populous nation can also afford to outbid the world’s wealthiest nations for a good that is classically price inelastic.

Guess who has the largest supply of exportable grain?
As you can see in the below info-graphic, far and away the US is the leading exporters of food.

At a time when food will be much more expensive, let’s see if the US crop holds up. It just might, and almost certainly on a relative basis. The (geopolitical) implications are significant as there is mounting evidence that instability in places like Egypt have their origin in rising food prices. Said another way, a government would spend as much as needed to maintain control of its population. With 43 million Americans on food stamps at a time of record budget deficits, the writing is on the wall that more debasement of the currency can be expected as the global trends towards income equality and wealth concentration continues. Hedge accordingly.
OF late, there is this massive pressure on Asian nations to stockpile rice as part of their national food security efforts.

With the weather pattern wreaking havoc on food crops leading to dwindling supplies and rising food inflation, there is looming fear the current price of rice may soon revisit the all-time record price in 2008, which at one time saw the grain price surging by 200%.

The global rice market has been on the rise again over the past few months after hitting a two-year low in early August 2010. The price of the Asian rice benchmark, Thai 100% grade-B white rice, has steadily risen by about 4.5% since Dec 29 to reach about US$558 per tonne.

Despite the assurance of ample rice supply by the world’s largest rice producers Thailand and Vietnam, Indonesia and Bangladesh have become among the earliest Asian nations to extensively boost their rice imports for 2011.

Early this month, Indonesia had ordered its state procurement agency Bulog to secure imports to gradually boost its rice stockpiles to two million tonnes from the current 1.5 million tonnes. Indonesia surprised the market recently by purchasing 820,000 tonnes of rice from Thailand for prompt shipment.

Bangladesh has also said it was buying 200,000 tonnes of parboiled rice from Thailand in the first government-to-government deal for the grain.

Malaysia has also been steadily stockpiling rice. After the bitter experience of 2008, Bernas the local rice custodian has been procuring rice over the past two years via active buying both on the spot and forward contract for two to six months to build up stocks.

According to some quarters, more Asian nations would likely make similar move to boost their rice stockpile should drought-striken China, the world’s largest rice consumer, start to procure more rice externally in the near term. China has been self-sufficient of the grain.

Interestingly, Vietnam, the second world largest rice producer, is also stockpiling its rice at about one million tonnes but Thailand intends to reduce its volume of it domestic stockpile to only 100,000 tonnes and export 900,000 tonnes from its stockpile.

Meanwhile, the Thai government is not overly worried about lowering its stockpile as new harvest will start soon. It is likely to export 10.73 million tonnes of the 2010-11 crop, up slightly from 10 million for 2009-10.

So what will be in store next as the scramble to stockpile rice hots up among Asian countries?

Given such a dire situation, it seems the proposal to create a permanent rice emergency reserve by the 10-member Asean together wth China, South Korea and Japan (Asean plus three) may likely be speeded up.

A meeting is slated in Jakarta later this year to discuss the supply and financing, and the mechanism to the countries should a hike in prices occur.

In addition, a blueprint will also be put up for the establishment of a 800,000-tonne strategic rice storage facility with pledges from Asean members, Japan, China and South Korea to protect the region’s two billion people from an environmental disaster and a runaway inflation.