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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Sex Videos of Malays UMNO chicks – Serious kah?

I clicked on to bodohland.wordpress.com which led to www.bodohland.com.

The title of the site is ‘Anything You Want To See About Malaysia! Sex Sex and More Sex Videos of Malay UMNO Chicks‘. Wah lau!! How true is that? [By the way, I don’t have the media player to play the 3GP files… hah hah].

Not sure how the UMNO kakis will react. Maybe like this?

Lastly, our famous Home Minister, got it from here:

Foul Mouth Song Kee Chai

Dear Sir,

I am from Klang.  I used to visit many places in Klang e.g. Cafe, mamak stalls etc.  I had also the opportunity to be sitting one or two tables away from Datuk Song Kee Chai.


As a leader of MCA, I feel that one should behave themselves in public.  There was not once but in many instances where he was having a discussion with a group of people in a cafe in Klang called Gardini Cafe and Brasserie located at Garden business Centre, No.3 Jalan Istana, 4100, klang, Sclangor Darul Ehsan. Viewing him as a leader, I did not expect him to be so foul mouth.  To make matters worse, he uttered vulgarities even in front of ladies.  This is the part that irritates me the most.  I know that you may feel that I am writting without evidences and therefore I am just making up this story but I am telling you the truth and you have to trust me.  I wish I could have recorded his discussion but I didn’t.  I hope that you could upload my email and let people who have seen him in public swearing obsenity comment if what I said is true.


(Name Omitted as Requested)

Arrogant UMNO and BN

This is why and how UMNO and BN will topple the next general election.  By imposing a ban on the word Allah, not only will the BN lose the votes of Catholics.  The rest of the people be it Christians, Hindus, Buddhist, etc. will not support you because BN is being arrogant.  Even some of my Malay friends who are true Muslims feel that Syed Hamid Alba should take this stand.

Source: The Sun

Govt regrets Herald’s defiance on use of word ‘Allah’

PUTRAJAYA (Jan 21, 2009) : The government has expressed regret that Catholic weekly Herald has defied the government’s ban on the use of word “Allah” as a translation for “God” in its publication.

While calling for a stop on public debates regarding the matter, Home Minister Datuk Seri Syed Hamid Albar said he will ask the ministry’s legal division to see “what can be done” against the newspaper.

“Usually, we will study what happens when there is no compliance. Religious issues are very sensitive. That’s why I avoid debating about it. But if one religion decides to show its strength and all sort of things, it is a bit dangerous.

“To me, it is best (that) we sort it out in an environment which is not confrontational – an environment of goodwill and understanding. That’s why we have taken this approach. “We did not take action, (but) we gave conditions so that they would not create problems,” he told a press conference after the ministry’s monthly assembly today.

Syed Hamid said the newspaper should have waited for the court’s decision, scheduled Feb 27, instead of acting according to its own judgment and defying the Cabinet’s decision to lift the ban imposed on the Malay edition of  Herald.

Ministry’s Publication and Quranic Text Control division secretary Che Din Yusoh was reported saying on Jan 8 the government has lifted the ban but maintained its decision to stop it from using the word Allah as it would confuse the Muslims.

The Herald has last year challenged the ban on the word “Allah” in court, saying the translation has been used for centuries and the Arabic word is a common reference to God that predates Islam.

On Tuesday, Herald editor Father Lawrence Andrew said this week’s edition has used the banned word and he intended to continue doing so until the courts rule on the issue next month as “we find the restriction unacceptable.”

“They should have waited for the court’s decision. If they continue acting this way, they are inciting conflicts. In Malaysia, we have to avoid conflicts. Don’t think we are the only ones that are strong, that have rights.

“If everyone wanted to show its own strength, there would be conflicts and it would create problems. We have been really flexible in this matter. We really respect others and their religions,” Syed Hamid added.

On certain weblogs still allegedly insulting Prophet Muhammad and Islam in their postings, he said the police had conducted its investigations on the matter and it was now up to the Attorney-General (A-G)’s Chambers to act.

“Any reports said to insult the Prophet will be investigated by the police. Once investigation has been completed under the Sedition Act, we will leave it to the A-G’s Chambers to decide whether to take action or not.

Syed Hamid said to date no arrests had been made and that it was very difficult to stop people from posting undesirable elements in cyberworld..

On another matter, Syed Hamid said retrenchment exercises by certain companies in the country should start first with the foreigners as during this time of economic crisis, “there is no reason for us, legally or illegally, to bring in foreign workers”.

“Don’t request for foreign workers and give all sorts of excuses that Malaysians cannot work. We will discuss with the Human Resources Ministry so that in certain sectors like the manufacturing and services industries, we should not have foreign workers,” he said in response to newspaper reports on Tuesday that retrenchment of foreign workers had resulted in a rise in criminal activities in the country.

Abuse of Power in Malaysia

The Sun

Deputy ministers to be summoned for questioning
Charles Ramendran

PETALING JAYA (Jan 22, 2009) :
Police will call up two deputy ministers who were present at the Serdang Hospital mortuary during an incident where about 50 family members and friends of 22-year-old lock up detainee A.Kugan who died in police custody allegedly forced their way into the place to view his body late on Monday.

Selangor police chief DCP Datuk Khalid Abu Bakar said a police report was lodged with Sepang police by an official at the mortuary who alleged that several dozen people who turned up at the morgue had barged in and wheeled out Kugan’s body of of the cold room.

The hospital official also alleged that the people had handled the body and took photos of it.

Khalid said police have classified and are probing the case as trespass with criminal intent and also for criminal intimidation.

He said it was wrong for anyone except for hospital officials to handle the body as a post mortem had yet to be conducted and there is an ongoing probe into the death of the man.

He said the hospital official had called the police and a police officer at the scene permitted only a family member to identify the body at the time of the incident but this was defied and the crowd rushed in.

Although he did not name the two deputy ministers, it is understood that they are Datuk S.K.Devamany and T.Murugiah, both who are with the Prime Minister’s Department and were present at the hospital during the incident.

Khalid said a post mortem carried out out on the body of lock detainee A.Kugan showed that he had died of excessive fluid in his lungs.

He said the report also stated that the injuries found on the deceased’s body was not the result of his death.

“However, I assure the family of Kugan that we will not spare anyone responsible for the injuries caused on him. We are probing and when we identify those involved and have gathered enough evidence, I will make sure justice is served.”

“I give you my word that there will be no cover up as I do not cordone to such abuse of powers if that was the case.I urge the family members to be calm and not take the law into their own hands.” he said.

At about 2.30pm, Kugan’s funeral took place at his house at Puchong Kinrara. Among the 200 people who attended it was MIC President Datuk Seri S.Samy Vellu.

Kugan was arrested on Jan 15 for suspected car theft and remanded till Wednesday. However,on Tuesday during interogation by police, he collapsed and died.

Police had said that they made a recovery of 15 stolen cars at a warehouse in Puchong following his arrest.

His family, Kapar MP S.Manikavasagam and Keadilan’s Selangor Youth leader Khairul Anuar Ahmad Zainuddin have each lodged a police report alleging foulplay in Kugan’s death and urged a thorough probe be conducted.