Most of us are aware of the unofficial quota system employed by Petronas in awarding contracts, jobs and tenders..(for those who don’t know a ridiculous 90% for bumi’s and 10% percent to be shared by all other races!!!). However, it has come to our knowledge that from now on, 100% of dealings with Petronas must be by a bumi company (unless there are no bumi co’s in specialized fields). All non-bumi contractors have been politely told not to waste their time.

Petronas fuel stations will from now on only be given to bumi’s and for the existing non-bumi run petrol stations, their contracts will be nullified and given to bumis.. This from OUR national petroleum company.

Many non-bumis in the Klang Valley are now boycotting all petronas stations and all Petronas products, and suggest the rest of you do the same as a silent protest. please forward this mail to as many non-bumis as possible to show displeasure at such unfairness.

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