All websites are freaking BS

As you all know, all websites are freaking full of BS except and

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Why waste your freaking time creating stupid silly self service sites of yours..thinking people will read…ha ha-nobody gives a shit about your freaking BS blogs.

Let put it this way, all Msians cannot afford to buy domains as they cost about $50rinngit and the renewal fees are just too high for Msians. So how can Msians and those 3rd world countries afford those domain fees plus the shiddy domain hosting from Msia?

After all, all the good domains area already taken.

The only people making money on the internet are me and the rest of the professional domainers–as for the rest of you–too bad.

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By the way, all those Msian bloggers- the ISA are watching you.  All the politico Bloggers are in jail!!! too bad the freedom of speech and the 1st Amendment do not apply to you Msians.

If you want to post, you know how to contact me.  I can post whatever shit I want because I am Mr.Obama protects my rights.

Terima Kasih,

p/s ISA– please shut down all the blogger sites in Msia  and the Malaysiakini— all of you will be coming here for the latest news!!!