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Keep the NEP, forget NEM, says congress panellist

KUALA LUMPUR: The New Eco-nomic Model is ineffective in strengthening Bumiputra economic participation, said a panellist of a bumiputra economic congress.

Datuk Prof Ramlah Adam, a lecturer from Universiti Teknologi Mara (UITM), and fellow panellists had urged the Government to continue with affirmative action under the New Economic Policy (NEP) to safeguard the interest of the bumiputras.

“Why challenge the NEP which was working so well?” she said at the congress organised by the Malay Consultative Council here yesterday.

The congress was attended by 1,125 participants from 126 Malay non-governmental organisations including Perkasa. Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak had unveiled the NEM in March to liberalise the economy. Among other things, NEM aims to eradicate poverty and give equal opportunities to all Malaysians, regardless of race.

Another panellist, Datuk Akbar Ali, a former executive director of the Malacca Economic Action Plan Council, said it was difficult for Bumiputras to participate in private sector projects. He questioned why the private sector had demanded government procurement projects which were reserved for the bumiputras.

The congress also passed an emergency resolution calling for the board of Sime Darby Bhd to resign over the RM1.3bil losses the group had incurred.

It said it was inappropriate to put the blame solely on the group president and chief executive who was forced to take leave of absence in connection with cost overruns from projects in Qatar and the Bakun hydro-electric dam.

“We urge the whole board including the chairman and senior executives to resign. Otherwise, the Government should remove them,” it said.