Be careful while you are in KLCC

Where the hell are the security cameras?


Sent: Sat, August 14, 2010 5:40:45 PM
Subject: FW: Be careful while you are in KLCC


If you are not convinced, or never had been worried before, now is the time to worry and fret.

In my opinion, everywhere in KL -and for that matter other big cities too – no parking  place is safe.

Please be most careful when you are out and about.

Be mindful while you are in car parks anywhere.

Do not trust even the security guards !!!

Pls be careful ……..
To those of you who go to K.L.

Security in KLCC Tower getting worse…
Don’t trust, even the security guards. Please let your loved ones know….

Security in KLCC Tower getting worse (DON’T DELETE B4 READING !!!!
This is a true experience. This message was passed to us with the consent of the victim.
Yesterday evening, one of our staff’s wife arrived with their child to do some shopping together with her husband in KLCC.
After they have finished shopping, they went home in separate cars because they came in 2 cars. The child followed the father while the wife went separately to her car which was parked at level P2.

When the wife wanted to pay for the parking, she found out she has lost the parking ticket. The parking attendant asked her to go to KLCC Parking Office.
So she went to the office hoping to get some help. At the KLCC Parking Office, a parking attendant said she has to go to KLCC Security office. He offered to give her a ride on his motorbike there, but she refused and followed behind his bike  in her Kancil. He took her to P1 and then they reached a narrow alley where the car was not able to go through. He then asked her to take a ride on his motorbike instead and leave her car behind.

At the end of the alley, there were 3 GUYS waiting for them, all of them dressed in neat uniform. They tried to gang rape her. But fortunately, with the strength from God, she managed to kick one of them where it HURTS the most and ran away as fast as she could.

She went up to the place her subconscience told her where most of the shoppers were, i.e. Picnic Court . Because her hubby does not own a handphone, she had to wait for him to reach home before she could contact him. She called him up later and asked him to come and fetched her.

She dare not report this occurrence to any KLCC security guard. She does not TRUST them any longer. (I won’t too, given the same situation).

They reported the incident to the police. Later the police called her up to identify the personnel. But due to the shock and trauma, she could not recognize them. All of them were wearing cap at that time. There were 4 Malay guys altogether.
– 1 wearing a light yellow top with dark blue bottom (KLCC parking maintenance)
– 2 wearing white tops with dark bottom (parking attendant)
– 1 wearing a light brown top with dark bottom (KLCC Suria parking and Park security guard)

According to the police, countless incident of gang rapes happened here in KLCC. And they suspected that it is all an inside job.

The staff’s wife wishes all women staff of Petronas to be careful and vigilant in future especially in the parking area and toilets. This goes for the Men as well.
Please warn your wife/family members or friends.
Thank You & Regards,

Siti Arma Zailan bt. Md Mokhtar
Level 63, Tower 1