very good” future

Majority confident of future!!!! Hurray Hurray—let see who are happy–oh…the Malays!!


KUALA LUMPUR: An overwhelming majority of Malaysians are confident their families will have a “good” or “very good” future in the country regardless of the political situation.

The National Current Issues opinion poll showed that 86% felt that the country’s future was “good” or “very good”. The remaining felt it would be “bad” or “very bad”.

A total of 1,367 respondents were involved in the survey carried out between Aug 1 and Aug 18. The respondents, aged 21 and above, were randomly selected nationwide across race and gender.

The survey, by International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) researchers, has a margin of error of less than 4%.

IIUM Communications Department professor Datuk Dr Syed Arabi Idid, who headed the survey, said Malaysians had a good feeling about the country regardless of their political views.

“They still have confidence in the country’s future and in the future of their families. They also have a good feeling about the current economic situation and business opportunities,” he said in revealing the findings.

On the current economic situation, 59% felt it was “good”, and 14% “very good”; while 23% felt it was “bad” and 4% “very bad”.

The vast majority believed that current business opportunities in the country were “good” and “very good”, with only 24% feeling it was “bad” and 3% “very bad”.

However, respondents were not as confident about current job opportunities, with 53% stating that it was “good”, 15% “very good”, 26% “bad” and 6% “very bad”.