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1Malaysia- is fucking Bogus piece of lie

In America, there are many races-Chinese; different kinds of Asians, Indians, Blacks, whites, Hispanics, etc etc, gays, lesbians and etc etc and other species of race- and we live under ONE COUNTRY CALLED UNITED STATES OF AMERICA AND ALL OF US FOLLOW THE SAME RULES OF LAW. NO law is favored towards one race and no one is above the law.

In 1Malaysia, they expect all races to live together in harmony but the problem is the Malays aka the Bumiputras have special rules for them which are in their favor!!! they have their own interest free loans which they don’t have to pay back, their own special land rights–bumiputra land, Bumiputra housings, open door policy in loans, education and free for all—whatever business they can get..for free.
How about other races? They are being screwed deep each freaking day!!

SO HOW CAN THIS 1malaysia work??
This 1Malaysia concept is so freaking piece of bogus propaganda lie!!!

Selangor bans 1M’sia logo on billboard ads

KLANG: Selangor has banned advertisements on billboards that feature the 1Malaysia logo.

The 1Malaysia logo is a political logo, said state Housing and Local Government Committee chairman Ronnie Liu, adding that this contravenes local by-laws.

“You don’t see any billboard in Selangor carrying the PKR, PAS or DAP logo,” he told The Star, adding that the prohibition was not a new development.

“Local government by-laws in Selangor clearly state that political symbols cannot be used on billboard advertisements,” said Liu.

He said the 1Malaysia advertisements were a political message of the Barisan Nasional.

“It is clear that Barisan is pushing hard for the 1Malaysia concept and to send out its message to the people,” he said, adding that it was nothing but a political agenda and not allowed in the state.

He said it was only at certain times, such as a general election, that such advertisements would be allowed.

“Not on normal days,” he said.

“There are no DAP, PAS or PKR advertisements on the streets. It should be the same for Barisan,” added Liu.

He said the state government sent out circulars to all local and district councils in Selangor recently to reiterate the prohibition because certain quarters had wanted to include the 1Malaysia logo in their billboard advertisements.

“There was enthusiasm to add the logo in advertisements by certain quarters.

“So we had to remind the councils to be firm in prohibiting it,” he said.

Asked if Selangor was the only opposition state to ban 1Malaysia billboard advertisements, Liu said he was unsure of it.

Meanwhile, workers from the Kuala Langat district council tore down an advertisement bearing the 1Malaysia logo from a convenience store, sparking protest from about 50 people who included Umno and MIC members.

Store owner K. Thiagarajan, 26, said he and his two partners were shocked that they were not allowed to place a 1Malaysia poster in front of their shop.

“I obtained permission from the district council in September to put up the poster and was taken aback when I was summoned last Thursday to remove the advertisement,” he told reporters before submitting a complaint to council president Abdul Razak Jaafar.

“It is unfair to ask us to remove the poster, especially after we were given permission to put it up,” added Thiagarajan, who was accompanied by his lawyer.