Epgyt, Najib and camel husbandry

Yeaa—the taxpayers money…thank you very much– and all of them studying Islamic Studies.
Do I see any Chinese?


This is a funny blog and I salute him. I hope ISA does not shutdown his site.

Epgyt, Najib and camel husbandry

First, I would like to congratulate the PM Najib and the government and everyone else (MAS, AirAsia, etc) for speedily getting over 10,000 Malaysians (mostly students) out of the violence-riddled Egypt. The PM did the right and did it well. It is not easy to get so many people out of a riot-hit country so far away – hence this is definitely a remarkable logistical feat. Well done everyone. Read the story here.

Second, I for all the monkey in me, CANNOT understand why are so many Malaysians studying in Egypt, many of them government sponsored. Egypt does not have good universities. Not a single university in Egypt in listed in the global top 100 universities. Not even in global top 200 universities. I think University of Cairo is ranked in the 450 -500 category. I have never read anywhere or heard anyone mentioning any scientific and technical fields that Egypt is good at. Why are we sponsoring so many Malaysian students to go and study in Egypt ? [if you really want good universities outside Malaysia, there are plenty in SIngapore]

I know the Al-Azhar university is in Egypt which is well-regarded by some Malaysians (but it is not in any top-500 list) but surely 10,000 Malaysians cannot be studying there. Even if they did, what jobs are they going find when they come back home to Malaysia. (BTW, please read what Syed Akbar Ali has to say about Al Azhar and Egyptian universities here)

So, I have been thinking and thinking and thinking – what are all these Malaysian students in Egypt studying ? And, I have come to the following conclusions :

B. Sc (Sand Mining) – since Egypt is in a desert and has plenty of sand, sand mining must a pretty popular course. Students graduating with a B.Sc. (Sand mining) can find plenty of jobs in Malaysia because we are also fond of sand mining especially if the licence is given to a crony company. And we mess up our rivers and beaches in the process of sand mining.

B.Sc (Embalming) – Egypt has plenty of mummies and I guess their embalming technology must be rather advanced. So Malaysian students who come back home with a B.S. (Embalming) have no problems getting jobs at mortuaries and funeral houses. Good career choice.

B.Sc (Pyramid marketing) – The Egyptians must surely know a lot about the get-rich-quick pyramid marketing. After all their fore fathers built the pyramids. Malaysians graduating with a B.Sc (Pyramid Marketting) can be assured of lucrative jobs in Malaysia because we also have many fly-by-nite, get-rich-quick-then-bankrupt-quicker schemes.

B.Sc (Camel Husbandry) – Egypt has many camels – so I guess their universities surely must offer graduate courses in camel rearing, may be even at the PhD level. So I am thinking that many Malaysians are going to come home with PhDs in camel husbandry and all our political parties are waiting to recruit these Dr Untas.

I am sure there are many other equally interesting subjects that are taught in Egyptian universities – that some of you may know of. Feel free to share.

Monyet King says
A double PhD in camel husbandry and cactus farming sound exciting. Anyone interested ? Planet of the Monyets will partially sponsor you.

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Cat-in-Sydney said…

You forgot. Egypt is where the aedes mosquito and locusts come from. So, we’ll have experts in dengue fever treatment and locust related matters. Didn’t some of the ancient pharaohs died of malaria? Hey….good spot to study tropical disease, I tell you. Come on, don’t look down on other people’s country. purrrr….meow!

In ancient Egypt, I’d be worshipped as a Goddess,
February 6, 2011 10:47 PM
Anonymous said…

B.Sc (Monkey Watching) – there’s plenty to watch in parliament.
February 6, 2011 11:26 PM
felicia said…

maybe some learn about politics & governing from Hosni….so that they can put these ‘ideas’ into practice when they come back and join PERKAKAS? (yes, i too was surprised to know that SO MANY Malaysians were stranded in Egypt)
February 7, 2011 8:27 AM
semuanya OK kot said…

Malaysian tourists – not being “adopted children” of the gomen – got no help. Some may still be trapped there. The attitude is the same as that of the Indonesian and Bangladesh embassies here.

This attitude to citizens reminds me of the dictator of Uzbekistan. When the Great Terrorist Empire wanted “al Qaeda” prisoners, he obliged by sending some of his own political opponents.
February 7, 2011 12:37 PM
Monyet King said…

1. Cat
Oh yes.. I forgot about the dreaded diseases and also the swarm of evil locusts that came on the Mummy movie.
In ancient Egypt, they worshipped you. But if you go there now, they will probably eat you alive.

2. Anon 11:26 PM
LOL… but who is watching who ?

3. felicia
You could how that fella survied at the top for 30 years

4. SOK
I also read in the papers about the Malaysian tourist complaining that he got no help. Iguess they were focussing too much on the students and forgot all the other Malaysians.
February 7, 2011 1:40 PM
Kuching Guy said…

Embalming is a great major at Egypt University . Just look at 81 years old Mubarak ;so well preserved.
May be the very least they can learn how to throw out our corrupted politician in Sarawak.
Pyramid studies come in handy when they start to sell Amway to each other around Kampug.