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NEP – what a BS

Can someone explain why the Bumiputra need special preference when they are majority in population .
Isn’t Bumiputra population is like 75%, so why are they given special preference.

Isn’t preference should be given to the minority of the population like the Indians and the Chinese?

If you are a bumiputra,don’t you feel cheated, don’t you feel like you are inept?,,,,,, — Domains for sale,,,,,, — Domains for sale




“Only when elections are clean and fair, can citizens be real masters of their own destiny and expect holders of public office to act accountably and effectively.”


The best of the best:


*** Only Bodoh Malaysia will pay money for licence plate number- It is better to spend money on Domains- Come on Malaysia don’t be Bodoh!!

Hottest car numbers yet
THE licence plate number WWW 1 will likely set a record as the most expensive vehicle registration number in Malaysia. The price could hit RM500,000 when bidding starts on April 30, according to Kosmo.

The tabloid quoted Federal Territory Road Transport Department director Nadzri Osman as saying that it was possible to reach that figure as they had already received everal offers that exceeded RM400,000.

Currently, the most expensive registration number is MCA 1 sold for RM300,000 in 2010.

“Those who wish to secure registration numbers of between WWW 1 and WWW 9999 should submit tenders, as they will be selling like hot cakes,” Nadzri said.

The department also projected that “hot numbers” WWW 3, WWW 8, WWW 9, WWW 11, WWW 33 and WWW 88 could be sold for more than RM10,000 each.


*** She graduated from GeorgeTown University ,USA — folks– her tuition and all the fun stuffs is paid for by the taxpayers’ of Malaysia. Thank you very much.

Malaysia U not good enough for the PM daughter.

PKR today revealed evidence that it said shows the government footed the bill for the engagement reception for Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak’s daughter.

Citing a banquet event order from Shangri La Hotel, which catered for the Seri Perdana event, PKR director of strategy Rafizi Ramli said the Prime Minister’s Office was billed RM409,767 for the reception.

“This is not a small matter. It may be just RM409,767, but it signifies the lax attitude of the government, starting from the PM to his cabinet ministers, who use taxpayers’ money for the personal luxuries,” Rafizi said.


Pissing match at Malaysis Bodoh
Pissing match at Malaysis Bodoh

Please contact me…at


Bersih!!!!! Future of Malaysia

Ex-US envoy accuses Najib of undermining King

By Debra Chong
July 08, 2011 KUALA LUMPUR

Former US ambassador to Malaysia John Malott today accused the Najib administration of “demonising” citizens asking for free and fair elections by using all the powers at its disposal, including the armed forces.

In today’s online Wall Street Journal (WSJ) article titled “Running Scared in Malaysia”, Malott hit out at the Malaysian government, saying it “has pulled out all the stops to prevent an opposition rally this weekend”.

“Mr Najib has undermined the authority of the King, who gave Bersih and its concerns credence by meeting with its leadership and calling for a negotiated solution,” Malott (picture) said, expressing in strong words his views of the current administration.

Coming on top of an earlier WSJ opinion piece published a few days ago, the ex-envoy’s criticism in the influential international paper is expected to have an effect on the country’s relations and investments globally.

“This week, army units conducted crowd-control exercises with banners that said, ‘Disperse or we will shoot!’ The police set up roadblocks and arrested Malaysians simply for wearing yellow T-shirts, the signature colour of Bersih, a coalition of 62 non-governmental organisations, that demands changes in Malaysia’s electoral system,” Malott said in his article, noting that over 250 Bersih supporters have been arrested by the police, claiming that they are “waging war against the King.”

The ex-envoy also highlighted that Yang di-Pertuan Agong Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin had stepped into the fray to defuse tensions by calling on both Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak and Bersih to resolve their differences in a spirit of harmony and co-operation for the good of the nation.

Malott, who was the US ambassador to Malaysia from 1995 to 1998, remarked that such a move had never before been taken by the King.

He said that Najib had reneged on his offer to Bersih to hold its rally in a stadium despite the audience with the King and that Bersih’s leader, Datuk Ambiga Sreenevasan, is adamant to continue the rally at the iconic Stadium Merdeka after her meeting with Tuanku Mizan.

“Despite the government’s intimidation, thousands of Malaysian citizens of all races and religions are expected to exercise their constitutional right to assemble and call for free and fair elections,” he said.

Malott noted that the political situation in Malaysia is changing daily and appears to have become so volatile that “nobody knows what will happen tomorrow”.

He said Bersih’s main issue is not freedom of assembly but the fairness of Malaysia’s democratic process and the electoral reform movement, which Putrajaya has declared illegal, wants to know “how anyone can be opposed to free and fair elections”.

“It’s an easy question to answer. The United Malays National Organisation [Umno], of which Mr Najib is president, is the longest continuing ruling party in the world, and it is running scared,” he said.

He said unless electoral reforms are made as Bersih has demanded, “we will never know”.

“Tomorrow’s protest represents a brave step in what not just Malaysians but also the international community should hope will begin the country’s transition to full democracy,” he added, and urged Najib to “display his own courage and ensure that a peaceful rally that seeks the fundamental rights of democratic peoples everywhere does not turn into a bloody confrontation”.

Rosmah’s handbag to dominate Parliament


Handbag shocker
PAS leaders also plan to raise the issue of Rosmah’s prized handbags, alleged to be worth RM1 million and called on the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission to investigate the matter.


“This is not a frivolous issue at all. How can she afford such expensive bags. How come she and Najib can

spend so much beyond their means? There are serious issues. The RM1 million can be put to good use in building facilities in the rural towns, giving scholarships and so forth,” Mahfuz told Malaysia Chronicle.
Meanwhile, PKR Women’s chief and Ampang MP Zuraida Kamaruddin said the “spendthrift” ways of the first couple made nonsense of the warning given by Idris Jala, the minister in the PM’s Department, who in 2010 issued a wake-up call to the nation.


Idris had warned in no certain terms Malaysia could go bankrupt by 2019, the same way as Greece did. Yet instead of biting the bullet and leading the way, Zuraida expressed disappointment that Najib and Rosmah had chosen to “live it up” at the nation’s expense.
“Things are no longer the same. There is now a strong opposition in Malaysia and we keep questioning and grilling them. They can be stubborn and arrogant but they do so at their own peril. Voters will surely teach them a lesson in the next election,” Zuraida told Malaysia Chronicle.


Like the handbag, Barisan Nasional is also a well-known and trusted brand. It’s consistency over the years has made the party what it is today. “Vote for the brand,” urged Najib. “The candidate can be an idiot or orang gila, it doesn’t matter. As long as you vote for Barisan, you’re voting for quality.”

Do NOT Vote for UMNO aka Barisan National -Corruption

Where can I get more of this cartoons? please contact me–ZUnar and Raja Live here!!

































Raja Petra says …

If you love this country you should help circulate this mail to all your friends who are MIC and MCA members, if they are not too busy enriching their own pockets and make future generation of their children, their grand children and their great grand children suffer. For 50 years the Chinese have given their vote to MCA and for 50 years MCA have passed their vote to the Malays, yes Malays in UMNO for a little self benefit. MCA members have no balls to speak for the Chinese and yes MCA in Johor who have NO Balls to speak against UMNO. Where do you think the Malays come from? Indonesia…. lah and what ever happened to the great Chinese Warriors from Yunan that saved these Malays from Siamese attack called Hang Tuah, Hang Jebat and princess Hang Li Po??, They have disappeared from our children’s history books that we used to read in our school days (ungrateful UMNO).

Only Raja Petra will speak for the Chinese and the Indians.

Raja Petra says, ‘ Justice My Ass !! ‘

Here’s ANOTHER Reason NON-Malays Should NOT Vote UMNO in Any Future General Election and Bye-Election

Read here from M’sians Unplugged …..

Average Non-Malay Malaysians and NON-Malay Bumiputras have LITTLE future for their children and their grandchildren IF they still vote Barisan Nasional which allows UMNO to remain in Government – it was before, it is today, and it will be tomorrow.

Excerpts from article by Raja Petra Kamarudin

Raja Petra Kamarudin

‘Last month, Umno Johor said that the greatest mistake they made was in giving the non-Malay immigrants citizenship in August 1957. Now that they have been given citizenship they show their ingratitude by voting for the opposition.

Yes, non-Malays, even those born in Malaysia , are immigrants. And, being immigrants, they must vote Barisan Nasional. And if they do not vote for Barisan Nasional then they are ungrateful..

Yes, voting is your right. This is your right according to the Federal Constitution of Malaysia. Malays can vote for whomsoever they would like to vote for because the Constitution allows them to do so. Malays, therefore, can vote for the opposition.
But, if you are non-Malay, then you must vote for Barisan Nasional because you are an immigrant. If you vote for the opposition then you are a traitor, you are ungrateful, and it was a great mistake giving you citizenship in 1957.

Mahathir’s father was born in INDIA. But Mahathir (Mamak) can vote opposition. He can even oppose Umno like he is doing so now. In fact, he can even become the Prime Minister. He is not an ungrateful immigrant who should be sent back to India .
Tian Chua, however, can’t oppose Umno. Tian Chua, whose family settled in Malaya long before the Portuguese came in 1511, is an immigrant. And if he is not happy and if he opposes Umno then he should go back to China .
And Umno Johor regrets giving Tian Chua citizenship in 1957 but does not regret giving Mahathir (Mamak) citizenship.

Why? Because Mahathir (Mamak) is Muslim while Tian Chua is not.
But if Tian Chua circumcises and takes on the Muslim name of Musa Bin Susah and marries a Malay woman, then he need not go back to China and Umno does not regret giving him citizenship in 1957.

The Malays have a very warped view of justice. Malays practise two standards of justice.
There is one standard for the Malays and another for the non-Malays.

And 90% of the tax is paid by the NON-Malays and 10% by the Malays, says Mahathir (Mamak).
But 10% of the scholarships must go to the NON-Malays and 90% to the Malays.

And when they propose to change this to 40% for the non-Malays and 60% for the Malays, the Malays raise a hue and cry.
And they call this justice. And they say Islam is about justice.’!


The 1Malaysia concept is such a freaking BOGUS BS…

Under Hudud Law, the punishment for theft is chopping off the hands…

You will surely see many ‘handless’ in Malaysia then!KNN CCB

Letter well written by a Malaysian Chinese working abroad now.

Dear friends,
On my way to London yesterday, I finished 3/4 of the book on the Maverick, my conclusion long before reading this book was; all of us , Malaysians ( my ancestors came from China to Malaysia more than 150 yrs ago) have been divided (or screwed) by all these greedy and heartless politicians, whether they are from UMNO, MCA, Gerakan or MIC, and they are all the same. The wealth in the country should be shared by all of us, but UMNO started NEP, AP, MARA, etc etc to split us in the name of wealth distribution.

But after 40 years since May 13 1969, what have we achieved?

The govt still think that all the targets set under NEP have not been achieved? How could these be possible if at least 30% of PLC shares must be allocated to bumiputras, Non-bumis not allowed to get APs, open new petrol stations, scholarships, all govt contracts must have Bumis equity, certain sectors of the businesses were not opened to non- bumis until the recent years but still tightly controlled, and Bumi controlled companies so as GLCs don’t have to hire non-bumis.

So how could the nation be united, progress or the lastest favour of the day, 1Malaysia be successful if meritorcracy is not relevant in practice? And each day we become more suspicious of each other’s co-existence.

When I decided to move my family abroad and take up the CEO job managing a small MNC with revenue of USD2b and 20k employees in 4 countries, my UMNO and MCA friends said to me; how could you abandon your country and work in Spore? I told them to find me a GLC position and I don’t mind a loss making one for me to turnaround.. A couple of them told me, they would look into it. More than 5 yrs had since passed, I received no reply, except every time when I met them, they would say, when are you coming back?

Pete and Jalil know me very well. For the rest to know, I am now managing China’s second largest fridge and freezer maker with more 3m units sales a year, China’s largest diesel engine producer with closed to 500K diesel engines sold this year, plus the largest building materials supplier in Spore. Under me, one co is listed in NY, one in KLSE and three in Spore. Am I not qualified to manage a GLC?

Don’t get me wrong that I need a job, but to move abroad after 46 years, was quite a painful experience!

I would love to return to my home land, share my experiences and contribute my knowledge to the development of the country. But with all these greedy politicians (P) fighting for positions (P), leading them to power (P) and finally the big P – PROFIT; why should they place the rakyat’s interests above theirs? Look at the mess in MCA, and the 6 Indian parties fighting to exist, and investment for a seat in the UMNO supreme council. It is all about the big P, not the Malaysians.

How many of the current ministers are qualified or fit to manage a ministry? Managing a ministry is very similar to managing a business which involves in managing various resources, especially the huge financial resources allocated to the ministry for the benefits ( security and safety, environment, less toll, education) of the people who paid taxes ( in business is ROSF or dividend paid to the investors), for the poor to improve their livings, for national development on infrastructure to create future values hence sustainability. But hardly any of them has any clue on what Human Resources or Financial Management are all about. They are too occupied with cutting ribbons, party meetings, overseas trips, identify contracts for pockets (the big P).

All these started with the Maverick’s 22 years in power. 1n 1986 I started with a salary of RM2400 working in a bank, bought a Nissan Sunny for 13k, and 4 years later bought a double storey terrace house in PJ for 120k. I sold the house in 1997 for 350k ( now probably worth 450k), and a 1300cc car easily costs 30K or more now, but today new graduates still get their starting pay of RM2000. What went wrong in our country?

As a Malaysian of Chinese origin, let me share with our fellow Malaysians : We are no threat to this country, economically or politically. We are the minorities, we don’t inspire to govern the country, even if the opposition wins the next election, the Prime Minister will still be a Malay. MCA is not relevant to us anymore. What have they done to protect us? So don’t listen to all the Politicians especially the maverick, that the Chinese are trying to grab power. Is this possible? We want a fair govt to treat us as Malaysians, and play no racial politics to divide all of US.

Look at the Airports and certain government buidlings, we have signages in Arabic and Japanese, but not in Chinese or Tamil. If you look at Renminbi (Chinese currency), there are 6 different languages printed on the notes to represent the 6 major races in China, although the Hans ( most the Malaysians Chinese are Han origins) easily constitute 90pc of Chinese population. Minorities are not respected in our homeland. In China, the one child policy is mandatory for the Hans, not the other minorities.

After 52 long years, it is time we give another political party a chance to govern. If we don’t change, there is Malaysia, but there will be no Malaysians! For our Children, our future, think about it.
Thank you for your time.

Dump those BN parties… that’s all I can say. For the sake of all Malaysian, for good or for worse, we need to have a new set of ruling government. That is what had happened in Taiwan, Japan and Philippines. WE HAVE BEEN FOOLED FOR OVER 50 YEARS BY THE BN. KEEP THEM THERE, AND WE ARE JUST FILLING UP THEIR XXXXXXL SIZE POCKETS.

With Warmest Regards,


Epgyt, Najib and camel husbandry

Yeaa—the taxpayers money…thank you very much– and all of them studying Islamic Studies.
Do I see any Chinese?


This is a funny blog and I salute him. I hope ISA does not shutdown his site.

Epgyt, Najib and camel husbandry

First, I would like to congratulate the PM Najib and the government and everyone else (MAS, AirAsia, etc) for speedily getting over 10,000 Malaysians (mostly students) out of the violence-riddled Egypt. The PM did the right and did it well. It is not easy to get so many people out of a riot-hit country so far away – hence this is definitely a remarkable logistical feat. Well done everyone. Read the story here.

Second, I for all the monkey in me, CANNOT understand why are so many Malaysians studying in Egypt, many of them government sponsored. Egypt does not have good universities. Not a single university in Egypt in listed in the global top 100 universities. Not even in global top 200 universities. I think University of Cairo is ranked in the 450 -500 category. I have never read anywhere or heard anyone mentioning any scientific and technical fields that Egypt is good at. Why are we sponsoring so many Malaysian students to go and study in Egypt ? [if you really want good universities outside Malaysia, there are plenty in SIngapore]

I know the Al-Azhar university is in Egypt which is well-regarded by some Malaysians (but it is not in any top-500 list) but surely 10,000 Malaysians cannot be studying there. Even if they did, what jobs are they going find when they come back home to Malaysia. (BTW, please read what Syed Akbar Ali has to say about Al Azhar and Egyptian universities here)

So, I have been thinking and thinking and thinking – what are all these Malaysian students in Egypt studying ? And, I have come to the following conclusions :

B. Sc (Sand Mining) – since Egypt is in a desert and has plenty of sand, sand mining must a pretty popular course. Students graduating with a B.Sc. (Sand mining) can find plenty of jobs in Malaysia because we are also fond of sand mining especially if the licence is given to a crony company. And we mess up our rivers and beaches in the process of sand mining.

B.Sc (Embalming) – Egypt has plenty of mummies and I guess their embalming technology must be rather advanced. So Malaysian students who come back home with a B.S. (Embalming) have no problems getting jobs at mortuaries and funeral houses. Good career choice.

B.Sc (Pyramid marketing) – The Egyptians must surely know a lot about the get-rich-quick pyramid marketing. After all their fore fathers built the pyramids. Malaysians graduating with a B.Sc (Pyramid Marketting) can be assured of lucrative jobs in Malaysia because we also have many fly-by-nite, get-rich-quick-then-bankrupt-quicker schemes.

B.Sc (Camel Husbandry) – Egypt has many camels – so I guess their universities surely must offer graduate courses in camel rearing, may be even at the PhD level. So I am thinking that many Malaysians are going to come home with PhDs in camel husbandry and all our political parties are waiting to recruit these Dr Untas.

I am sure there are many other equally interesting subjects that are taught in Egyptian universities – that some of you may know of. Feel free to share.

Monyet King says
A double PhD in camel husbandry and cactus farming sound exciting. Anyone interested ? Planet of the Monyets will partially sponsor you.

Posted by Monyet King at 9:14 PM
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Cat-in-Sydney said…

You forgot. Egypt is where the aedes mosquito and locusts come from. So, we’ll have experts in dengue fever treatment and locust related matters. Didn’t some of the ancient pharaohs died of malaria? Hey….good spot to study tropical disease, I tell you. Come on, don’t look down on other people’s country. purrrr….meow!

In ancient Egypt, I’d be worshipped as a Goddess,
February 6, 2011 10:47 PM
Anonymous said…

B.Sc (Monkey Watching) – there’s plenty to watch in parliament.
February 6, 2011 11:26 PM
felicia said…

maybe some learn about politics & governing from Hosni….so that they can put these ‘ideas’ into practice when they come back and join PERKAKAS? (yes, i too was surprised to know that SO MANY Malaysians were stranded in Egypt)
February 7, 2011 8:27 AM
semuanya OK kot said…

Malaysian tourists – not being “adopted children” of the gomen – got no help. Some may still be trapped there. The attitude is the same as that of the Indonesian and Bangladesh embassies here.

This attitude to citizens reminds me of the dictator of Uzbekistan. When the Great Terrorist Empire wanted “al Qaeda” prisoners, he obliged by sending some of his own political opponents.
February 7, 2011 12:37 PM
Monyet King said…

1. Cat
Oh yes.. I forgot about the dreaded diseases and also the swarm of evil locusts that came on the Mummy movie.
In ancient Egypt, they worshipped you. But if you go there now, they will probably eat you alive.

2. Anon 11:26 PM
LOL… but who is watching who ?

3. felicia
You could how that fella survied at the top for 30 years

4. SOK
I also read in the papers about the Malaysian tourist complaining that he got no help. Iguess they were focussing too much on the students and forgot all the other Malaysians.
February 7, 2011 1:40 PM
Kuching Guy said…

Embalming is a great major at Egypt University . Just look at 81 years old Mubarak ;so well preserved.
May be the very least they can learn how to throw out our corrupted politician in Sarawak.
Pyramid studies come in handy when they start to sell Amway to each other around Kampug.