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A challenge to all of you

A challenge to all of you…

Find me a blog or forum that is administered in Msia . I can guarantee you that I’ll be banned from the blog/forum in no time. Why?
Because all the forums run by Msians are “tikus”- they cannot handle the truth.
When my post is to challenge your mentality,you have no balls to debate-all you do is to take the easy way out which is to “BAN” me. This is how “Muslim” /undemocratic countries control the media—they silence them-they shoot down the critics.

You have balls to disagree!!!- send me an email:

Oh wait…Msians prefer to talk about FOOD and FOOD and the latest fashions.

The Real Datuk Goh

The real Datuk Goh, will never never ever prey on the weak!!


‘Datuk Kabi’ arrested

KUALA LUMPUR: A suspected fraudster who has been calling himself ‘Datuk Kabi’ has been arrested for allegedly swindling over 30 victims, including professionals.

The 29-year-old man, who is said to have issued cheques from a closed bank account to buy and rent houses and also to purchase other goods, was picked up by a special unit from the Bukit Aman Commercial Crimes department at about 7pm in Ampang last night.

Federal Commercial Crimes Inves–tigation Department Director Comm Datuk Koh Hong Sun confirmed the arrest but declined to reveal further details.