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Malaysia -the most corrupted nation in the world

Please support the online petition for GE13 investigation for clean and fair elections!

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Amazing. Since the Malaysian GE13 results were announced, more than 200,000 people have signed the petition calling for international scrutiny of widespread reports over the fraudulent voting and the controversial Electorial Commission.

Our petition is currently shaping the international coverage of the election – with articles appearing in Australia, Indonesia and many other places.

But this is just a beginning. What’s even more important than obtaining more signatures is to educate the public. We need people to be well informed about what we stand for:

We wish to restore a fair electoral system, not to support any political party.
We do not jump conclusion or instigate unneutral comments.
We want to cease Malaysians from taking unethical measures in their defences. Instead, use this petition as their voices to protest correctly.
We respect every individual’s right to choose and have opinions, we do not force.

If we’re to achieve international support for investigations into Malaysian GE13 we must continue to obtain more signatures and continue to display our will to restore justice!

Can you take a short moment to forward this email to five friends, ask them to sign and explain to them if you can manage? They can sign at

It may be a slow education process but believe me: “Shouting loud does not make you strong, whispering the right point does”.

Please take note that there will be NO FIXED NUMBER of signatures needed, the limit will continue to increase.

We’ve grown into a movement of 200,000 people. I know not what it will take to get the type of investigation we need, but we must keep trying to raise awareness along with education.

Please forward this around to everyone you know. They can sign at

Thanks for being part of this.

Terry Kok,

Petition Starter

—- Here’s the original petition text —-

Citizens of Malaysia had been seen screaming their discontentment all over the vast cyber media space, which unfortunately is the final fortress of free media in this nation.

Barisan Nasional, a coalition which had ruled over the nation for 56 years was continuously accused of purchasing votes by exhausting large amount of liquidity, controlling national media streams and just recently, exposed of ferrying large quantity of foreign citizens (speculated over 600,000) into the polling stations in order to corrupt the outcome of the election.

Speculations were yet to be verified but without the help of an external intervention, our people are rendered powerless against such extreme measures. With all due respect, we wish not a dramatic counterpart nor are we preaching our speculations; we wish only to be heard. If the UN launches an investigation, the eyes of many more will be watching; and when the global awareness rises, transparency follows and truth shall prevail.

If our voices were robbed within our own land, please help our voices reach the world.