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Calling all Msians–Go Home to BodohLand

All Msians–Please go back to Bodohland and change the country to BolehLand

Najib: Talent Corp will lure Malaysians home next year

BRUSSELS: The Talent Corporation, which has been tasked with encouraging Malaysian professionals based overseas to return home, will begin operations in January.

When announcing this, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said the Government was in the midst of hiring key personnel for the corporation to headhunt Malaysians to return and work in the country.

“We are creating more exciting things to attract Malaysians and foreigners to come and play a part in our next level of growth. If we can create more opportunities, some of you might want to come back and those married to Belgians can bring (your) spouses with you; they will be allowed to work.
Open house: Najib and Rosmah welcoming guests to their Hari Raya function in Brussels on Sunday. — Bernama

“Our policy is to be more open because a society that is open will thrive in the 21st century. A society that is closed will not attract the best brains, you will attract mediocre people and the good ones would have left the country and we will be a lot poorer as a result,” the Prime Minister said in his address to about 200 Malaysians based in Belgium and Luxembourg during a Hari Raya gathering he hosted with his wife Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor here on Sunday night.

Najib, who is in Brussels to attend the Asia-Europe Summit, had announced the setting up of the corporation when tabling the 10th Malaysia Plan in Kuala Lumpur.

He said the corporation, to be placed under the Prime Minister’s Department, would identify shortages in key sectors, attract and retain the necessary skilled human capital, and provide an integrated skilled human capital blueprint.

Separately, Bernama reported that Malaysian Institute of Architects president Boon Chee Wee said: “This is a great initiative. We do have a shortage of architects, and the effect is that local firms are not able to expand their capability and capacity and thus face problems in competing with international architects.”

The Malaysian Medical Association president, Dr David K.L. Quek, said steps should also be taken to ensure that those returning had good career paths so that they would remain in the country.

How to make money

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Online journalism seeking revenue to stay afloat

PETALING JAYA: Operators of online journalism have said that it has been a struggle to seek revenue in the business.

For instance, The Malaysian Insider chief executive officer Jahabar Sadiq said his news portal was in the red.

“Internet advertising helps cover only half of our costs,” he said.

“We are lucky to have shareholders with deep pockets,’’ he said in his paper on How to make a living from online journalism at an international online journalism seminar at Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman on Thursday.

The seminar was co-organised by the university, Konrad Adenauer Stiftung, European Journalism Centre and the Asian Center for Journalism at the Ateneo de Manila University.

Seminar attendees: Participants listening and taking notes at an international online journalism seminar held at Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman on Thursday.

Malaysiakini chief executive officer and co-founder Premesh Chandran said they had been forced to adopt the paid subscriber model in order to survive.

“The advertising industry never supported online media,’’ he said, adding that they were perceived to be anti-government.

Premesh said Malaysiakini had loyal supporters who backed independent media and its reform goals.

He said about half of their income comes from subscription and the other half from advertising.

Premesh told traditional media organisations to change the way they operate in order to survive because advertising was no longer their monopoly.

“Ninety percent of advertising online goes to non-media companies like Google and Facebook now.’’

Birmingham City University senior lecturer Paul Bradshaw said it was important for online journalists to be the first to send an SMS, e-mail or tweet online on breaking news.

“You will rank higher in search engines like Google News.

“It will make it possible for people to find you and contribute to your story,’’ he said.

In his paper A model for the 21st century newsroom, Bradshaw said many traditional media organisations failed to market themselves effectively online, thinking having a website was sufficient.

Know the real truth

Know the real truth-thanks to freemalaysiatoday.com–hope the owners do not go to jail or the site is shut down


Tue, 13 Jul 2010 17:10
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By Patrick Lee and Jamilah Kamarudin
FMT EXCLUSIVE PETALING JAYA: PKR supreme council member Tan Kee Kwong was recently thrust into the political spotlight after posting an open letter to Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak in early June.
In his letter, the former deputy minister of land and cooperatives accused Najib and the government of mismanaging Federal Land Development Authority (Felda) funds.

The former Segambut MP and WP Gerakan chief alleged that Felda’s cash reserves had dropped by more than RM4 billion to about RM200 million this year.

Tan also questioned the need for the government-linked company to invest RM660 million in a “five-star” office building.

Government reaction to the allegation was both swift and heavy-handed. Former Felda liaison director and Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department, Ahmad Maslan, announced that Felda was going to sue Suara Keadilan and several PKR party leaders, including Tan, for RM200 million.

Several hours later, the party organ was summoned to the Home Ministry in Putrajaya. But the meeting was to no avail, as Suara Keadilan found its printing licence suspended.

However, no PKR party leader to date has received a letter from Felda. In a two-part interview, Tan talks to FMT about his grievances with the Najib administration.

FMT: Tell us about your time as deputy minister of land and cooperatives.

Tan: In 1999, I was given the task of answering questions about Felda. That’s why I know so much about Felda. I was the only one in the administration who answered questions. We also looked after strata titles as well.

You said you’re the only one who answered questions about Felda?

Yes, my minister gave me the sole responsibility.

Who was your minister at the time?

Kasitah Gaddam.

What was happening to Felda during your time as deputy minister?

Actually, Felda was a shining example of giving land to the landless. It was a scheme where they built a house, planted rubber trees and oil palm for them… 10-acre lots. And slowly over the years, they paid back. That’s fine. Very, very successful.

Until about 1993, with the original settlers getting old, they (Felda) realised they cannot work on the ladang kecil anymore. So they changed their plan, and any new land opened after 1993 became Felda plantations, what they call Felda corporate.

So what did you notice?

At that time, Felda was a very fine organisation. Its chairman for many years was Raja Muhammad Alias. So we just left it alone, and it was fine.

So you just let it go on, because it obviously gave returns.

Well, you know the figures. In 2001, the assets of Felda were RM7 billion. Cash in the bank, RM4.5 billion. Loans, zero. Not one sen. How can an entity with this type of balance sheet go so wrong?

And how is it that with the record price of oil palm recently, other companies such as IOI are recording profits while Felda’s cash reserves are going down? It doesn’t make sense! You don’t need to be an oil palm expert. What happened to the reserves?

So you think the cash reserves should be going up.

Of course! Definitely! My advice to Najib and gang is: stick to your core business. You don’t need Felda Global Ventures and all that rubbish. How can you justify your six-star building? How is it going to help the settlers? Felda is about the settlers, not for making money!

Najib said that the cash reserves went down, but the assets went up.

Assets, what are the assets? Don’t forget: if tomorrow India doesn’t want to buy your palm oil, you’ve got no cash flow. How are you going to run the company? And also loans from EPF. Felda is so big, why does it need loans from anybody?

Felda borrowed money from EPF?

Yes. Felda Global Ventures (borrowed money)… Felda Glocal, as they say. You just stick to oil palm, day and night it will make profit for you. Why on earth do you need to go Felda Global?

How do you justify the RM500 million spent in Boston and Cincinnati? Tell us! What is Twin Rivers Technology?

But from an outsider’s point of view, it would appear Felda is doing very well…

Was! Was doing very well, until Najib took upon himself to run Felda (in 2004), (when he was) a very busy deputy prime minister, and was also minister of defence at the time; why did he want to jaga Felda? Has he got nothing to do? Why?

But you also know a few weeks ago, some Felda settlers came over to Suara Keadilan office, and burnt some Suara Keadilan newspapers, condemning it. Do you think some settlers do not agree with what you are saying?

There are 113,000 Felda settlers. Surely you don’t expect all of them to agree with you. In any organisation, there is no way everybody is going to agree with you.

But we are asking some basic questions here. Tell us the rationale of not building on your own land, where the land cost is zero. Not so far away from KLCC, you plan on building a six-star office on the land that is the most expensive in the country.

How is the building going to help the settlers? Felda has never been five or six-star. Never! Why suddenly the change in direction?

(I also want to ask) what is the special relationship between Najib and Naza TTDI? How come Naza got the job of building Matrade? Matrade should have gone for an international tender.

If you compare Naza to the big-time developers in the country, such as Ho Hup, Gamuda, and all the others, Naza is a recent entry, isn’t it? They’re experts in cars, what do they have to do with buildings?

You’ve met a lot of Felda settlers. What have they told you?

Obviously they’re not very happy. Many of them are taking action. They are short-changed. A group of settlers are going to court in Negri Sembilan, while one in Kelantan went to court and won.

Some of them have called me about the RM2 billion for the replanting fund. They are asking, is our money still intact or not!? The hundreds of millions that have been deducted, is there any money left? Is the replanting fund which belongs to the settlers all directed to Felda Global Ventures?

Do you find it funny that Felda hasn’t published an annual report since 2007?

Felda is supposed to be a government-linked company (GLC). As a GLC, it belongs to the people, like Petronas. Petronas also doesn’t publish their accounts, so it’s left for us to grope (in the dark). Those who want to know real information, can’t. Why?

You don’t have a proper report. You don’t let us look at your accounts. All secret. Why?

You’ve known about all this for a long time.

No. I minded my own business until two months ago, when somebody came up to me and told me that only RM200 million was left in the cash reserves!

Was this man a settler?

That one I cannot tell. Obviously he was someone in the know.

But Husam Musa (PAS vice-president) also said that Felda lost about RM8 billion, a number far more than your own. What are your comments on that?

Government, please come out with all the figures for the past 10 years. What happened before Najib, and what happened after Najib? Give us the details. What about the RM600 million for the cattle farm?

About Ahmad Maslan (Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department) and the debate.

Yes, Mazlan Aliman (president of National Association of Felda Settlers’ Children) challenged Ahmad to an open debate. Ahmad said, “No problem, just name the date.” Then he backed off. Why? Have a debate at Angkasapuri on all the channels, no problem!

Mazlan knows everything because he was brought up in a Felda scheme since he was two years old! So come and debate lah! If you are so smart in all the figures and everything, you should be able to tear up Mazlan to bits! Why you dare not?

Do you know why they (the government) are very upset? It is very obvious. About 45 parliamentary seats are in the settlements. Prime Minister, Felda settlers are waking up. Your fixed deposit is not so fixed.

Can you tell us what was the difference between Dr Mahathir (Mohamad) and Najib when it comes to Felda?

The politicians never campur tangan in Felda up to 2004. Never!

Not even Mahathir?

No! Because Raja Alias would not allow anyone to interfere with Felda.

So Mahathir wasn’t interested in Felda?

Not to say not interested. He didn’t steal from Felda. He just let Felda run on its own, like a car would run on its own. So if it’s running on its own, why do you want to jaga Felda?

Politicians got bought by the casinos-

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LABUAN: Police detained six men and crippled an Internet gambling syndicate here after raiding three premises operating as gambling dens.

The raids were conducted from 6pm to 9pm on Friday at Jalan Tun Mustapha, Shore Complex opposite Utama Jaya and next to Milimewa Superstore, Labuan Police Chief Supt Saiman Kasran told Bernama here Sunday.

He said that more than 60 units of computers and several tables were also seized in the raid.

The six, which included Filipinos, are to be charged in court soon. – Bernama

Always saving their stinking Malay Assses

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Keep the NEP, forget NEM, says congress panellist

KUALA LUMPUR: The New Eco-nomic Model is ineffective in strengthening Bumiputra economic participation, said a panellist of a bumiputra economic congress.

Datuk Prof Ramlah Adam, a lecturer from Universiti Teknologi Mara (UITM), and fellow panellists had urged the Government to continue with affirmative action under the New Economic Policy (NEP) to safeguard the interest of the bumiputras.

“Why challenge the NEP which was working so well?” she said at the congress organised by the Malay Consultative Council here yesterday.

The congress was attended by 1,125 participants from 126 Malay non-governmental organisations including Perkasa. Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak had unveiled the NEM in March to liberalise the economy. Among other things, NEM aims to eradicate poverty and give equal opportunities to all Malaysians, regardless of race.

Another panellist, Datuk Akbar Ali, a former executive director of the Malacca Economic Action Plan Council, said it was difficult for Bumiputras to participate in private sector projects. He questioned why the private sector had demanded government procurement projects which were reserved for the bumiputras.

The congress also passed an emergency resolution calling for the board of Sime Darby Bhd to resign over the RM1.3bil losses the group had incurred.

It said it was inappropriate to put the blame solely on the group president and chief executive who was forced to take leave of absence in connection with cost overruns from projects in Qatar and the Bakun hydro-electric dam.

“We urge the whole board including the chairman and senior executives to resign. Otherwise, the Government should remove them,” it said.

BodohLand.com is Alive and Well

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Datuk  Goh is the best blogger in the world.  Recently, there is a website called The Might of The Pen located at URL http://sjsandteam.wordpress.com/.  See what happens to it now?  It gets shut down.  The Might of the Pen dared to publish post about the Manohara incident but their guts became gutless because they received threats from the Kelantan Prince.  Well, bloggers in Malaysia and worldwide, do not fear for www.bodohland.com is here to stay.  If UMNO or the Kelantan Prince would like to purchase this website, please contact datukgoh@datukgoh.com (plus 10% for Datuk Goh’s informer and secretary who is in an unknown location – that’s me).

One by one, lots of blogs pertaining to politics in Malaysia and pertaining to the wrong doings of the royalty in Malaysia are being shut down.  Don’t worry bloggers out there.  Just contact Datuk Goh and Datuk Goh will let you blog here in www.bodohland.com.  Remember that http://bodohland.wordpress.com/ blog?  The author of the blogger is in ISA too.  That’s why he doesn’t update his blog anymore.  This blog started as a blog with pictures of politicians and poking fun at the politicians.  At the end of the day, the blogger got caught.

I implore all Malaysians who are fed up with their government and would like to air their voice, please blog at www.bodohland.com.  See how the sons of Nazri and Najib flirt here at bodohland.  See how they drink beer here at bodohland.  Bodohland is here to stay!

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Tuesday August 11, 2009 http://thestar.com.my/news/story.asp?file=/2009/8/11/nation/4495751&sec=nation

Blog not mine, says Rasah MP

KUALA LUMPUR: The MP for Rasah Loke Siew Fook, who has been hammered for allegedly posting seditious articles, has said the blog was not even his.
Loke, who is also DAP Socialist Youth (Dapsy) national chairman, said in a statement he did not know of the existence of the blog and was not aware of who was behind it.
Loke lodged a police report about the matter at the Dang Wangi police station here yesterday.
“Neither Dapsy nor I have ever issued any statements that insult Islam or the Perak royalty,” he said.
Over the past two days, blogs and SMSes had alleged that Loke had posted seditious articles on a blog sjsandteam.wordpress.com which has since been deleted.