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Raja Petra says, ‘ Justice My Ass !! ‘

Subject: Raja Petra says, ‘ Justice My Ass !! ‘

If you love this country you should help circulate this mail to all your friends who are MIC and MCA members, if they are not too busy enriching their own pockets and make future generation of their children, their grand children and their great grand children suffer.  For 50 years the Chinese have given their vote to MCA and for 50 years MCA have pass their vote to the Malay, yes Malay in UMNO for a little self benefits.  MCA members have no balls to speak for the Chinese and yes MCA in Johor who have NO Balls to speak against the UMNO. Where do you think the Malays come from Indonesia….lah and what ever happened to the great Chinese Warriors from Yunan that saved these Malays from Siamese attack called Hang Tuah, Hang Jebat and princess Hang Li Po??, disappears from our children history books that we used to read in our school days (ungrateful UMNO).

Only Raja Petra will speak for the Chinese and the Indian.


Subject: Raja Petra says, ‘ Justice My Ass !! ‘

Here’s ANOTHER Reason NON-Malays Should
NOT Vote UMNO in Any Future General Elections and Bye-Elections
Thursday, June 05, 2008


here from M’sians Unplugged …
Average Non-Malay Malaysians and NON-Malay Bumiputras have
LITTLE future for their children and their grandchildren IF they still vote Barisan Nasional which allows UMNO to remain in Government it was before, it is today, and it will be tomorrow.

from article by Raja Petra Kamarudin

Raja Petra Kamarudin

‘Last month,
Umno Johor said t hat the greatest mistake they made was in giving the non-Malay immigrants citizenship in August 1957. Now that they have been given citizenship they show their ingratitude by voting for the opposition.
Yes, non-Malays, even those born in Malaysia , are immigrants. And, being immigrants, they must vote Barisan Nasional. And if they do not vote for Barisan Nasional then they are ungrateful.

Yes, voting is your right. This is your right according to the Federal Constitution of Malaysia. Malays can vote for whomsoever they would like to vote for because the Constitution allows them to do so. Malays, therefore, can vote for the opposition.
But, if you are non-Malay, then you must vote for Barisan Nasional because you are an immigrant. If you vote for the opposition then you are a traitor, you are ungrateful, and it was a great mistake giving you citizenship in 1957.

Tun Dr Mahathir’s father was born in INDIA.
But Tun Dr Mahathir can vote opposition. He can even oppose Umno like he is doing so now. In fact, he can even become the Prime Minister. He is not an ungrateful immigrant who should be sent back to India .
Tian Chua, however, can’t oppose Umno.
Tian Chua, whose family settled in Malaya long before the Portuguese came in 1511, is an immigrant. And if he is not happy and if he opposes Umno then he should go back to China .
Umno Johor regrets giving Tian Chua citizenship in 1957 but does not regret giving Tun Dr Mahathir citizenship.

Why? Because Tun Dr Mahathir is Muslim while Tian Chua is not.
But if Tian Chua circumcises and takes on the Muslim name of Musa Bin Susah and marries a Malay woman, then he need not go back to China and Umno does not regret giving him citizenship in 1957.

The Malays have a very warped view of justice. Malays practice two standards of justice.
There is one standard for the Malays and another for the non-Malays.
And 90% of the tax is paid by the NON-Malays and 10% by the Malays, says Tun Dr Mahathir.
10% of the scholarships must go to the NON-Malays and 90% to the Malays.
And when they propose to change this to
40% for the non-Malays and 60% for the Malays, the Malays raise a hue and cry.
And they call this justice. And they say
Islam is about justice.’!