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I am surprised that no one registered the domain MalaysiaSucks.com , after all most of the “sucks” were already taken. This is what we called “Brand Protection” Domains are valuable digital asset and it only costs $9USD to register/yearly renewal–express yourself via domain names.

Most Malaysians can’t afford to register 100+ domain names because of the high cost, I guess they still prefer to spend millions on that silly licence plates.

Anyway, Malaysia is a nice place to visit, a good piece of land on planet Earth. it is just that it is being govern by incompetent bureaucratic people. If there is more transparency and resources directed to the proper channels, Malaysia can be a power house.

Malaysians are not “BODOH”,they are just not given the “rights” to challenge the authority for fear of prosecution. All we want is to be treated equally!!

1Malaysia, 1 rule for all citizens

For the betterment of the society, there should be more transparency(no corruption?)…the power of independent social media.

Lastly, I don’t have the answers to all the BS world’s problems, all I and hopefully most of you can do is cooperate, listen, conserve resources,
be civil minded ,and just being nice


Having that said—is Malaysia getting better compare to 20-30 yrs ago? Do you see any improvement?